Established in March 2013, “Cue The Rant!” was the popular weekly article series by Roderick Red. It was originally featured on JessicaSimien.com. Red Squared Creative, a subset of Red Squared Productions, LLC brought back the series in the form of a comprehensive blog under that same name. CueTheRant.com features the original weekly article series by Roderick Red, along with the other socially aware articles and sharp, witty and thought provoking postings from contributing writers, bloggers and content creators.


This new comprehensive blog will feature intelligent and engaging social commentary and critics about trends and current events. The blog will also feature humorous and amusing content from the internet as well. Check out our featured series below!



 Sadie Daily: Dose of Reality:: Inspirational blogger and entrepreneur Sadie Daily keeps it real about any social and cultural issues and hot topics she wants; by Mercedes Allen

thats deep

“That’s Deep”:: The profound thoughts and philosophical take of things that matter; by Xavier Bolden



The Warm Up:: Sports and Hip-Hop hot topics debated by our resident know-it-alls; by Roderick Red & Nick Walker



“I’m Just Saying..”:: Advice and thoughts of Raven that may or may not be taken, but you probably should because she said so; by Raven Reese


counselorlogo2The Counselor:: Advice and opinions on social issues, life and anything else that affects Millennials today from an expert; by Tierra Clemmons



Liberty Belle:: Progressive porch talk, political points and insight served to you by our resident community organizer; by Amber Thomas



Reversing The Spin:: Political points re-spun in the left direction by our resident Ivy League political genius; by Spencer Bowley



The Top 5 Timeline:: The funniest stuff she’s seen this week; by Ivy Red



In The Queue:: video series that interviews and tells stories about Jackson, Mississippi and the world around us; hosted by Jackqualine Barnes





“Cue The Rant!”:: Weekly Rants of Excellence; by Roderick Red


[The Daily Takedown:: Current events and hot topics highlighted and discussed in a quick format by our contributors!]

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