Sadie Daily:: Why We Don’t Deserve Black History Month


If I’m being honest, I don’t think we deserve Black History Month. We don’t incorporate or honor the strides of Africans enough and this month doesn’t help. I am talking about African History before slavery.  I am talking about beyond a movie depicting slavery not getting an award. I’m not trying to discredit promoting diversity but I’m asking why not celebrate those unsung heroes who helped shape our culture and break records? Blacks are more than just the “help” who also picked cotton. Its deeper than my skin is dark, no black is power! Melanin is in all Africans, its why the skin looks younger, and the brain functions essentially.


If you don’t think it is necessary to know about black history and how it came about, we can never move forward as a nation or grow as a people. African history is so rich and has a story not taught in the school system. Things that are taught in school aren’t meant to educate, but to help teach students to pass a test. I can remember when learning about black history in school. The main lesson in the subject that semester was the underground railroad. But what was life like for those Africans, when historic pictures on stone show me royal images?


There were so many breakthroughs in science, arts, technology, medicine, and math that are still currently used today that were discovered in Africa. I’m having to study hard and do my own extensive research to find out about how profound and established these African civilizations were! I am talking about cities filled with scholars, engineers, and builders! Have you seen the pyramids built in Egypt?

Today we hear protests and questions daily about black lives even mattering enough to not be killed! We are now repeating how Europeans enslaved Africans and pushed a eurocentric perspective.



People play around with the term nigger, when the root word negus means ‘king of kings’. It’s not right to have a month to celebrate black history month if we are celebrating a crude visual of what society depicts as history.

I wonder what the world would be like if we embraced blackness rather than be afraid of it or use it as an economic boost.

Let’s dig deeper than what we have been institutionalized to go by. Challenge narratives such as an explorer by the name of Christopher Columbus discovering America.  What about those “slaves” that traded gold, or inventions Africans don’t get credit for?

Let’s create history! Let’s be trailblazers, and create the world we want to live in!

If we are going to fight for awards, how about fight to change textbooks! You’re tax dollars go towards the education system that doesn’t want to fund certain schools because it’s in an urban area that isn’t “competent”. Fight for truth and stand up for what is right, and not just right for one group but for the betterment of all.

Now is the time to build up communities and lead the youth as they come up.

I know that February is the shortest month in the year but in those short 28 days we have a lot of work to do. Go to a museum and indulge and reading up on some black history facts. You will be surprised what all you learn and understand. We don’t deserve black history month but we need it!

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