“I’m Just Saying..”:: Why Growing Pains Are A Good Thing

imjustsayingI remember on my 15th birthday, I spent most of my birthday laying on the couch dealing with “unbearable pain” in my legs which turned out to simply be “growing pains”. For those who don’t know or can’t recall growing pains occur when your bones and muscles are growing and sometimes that extra stretch and tension can create discomfort. I don’t know how scientifically sound “growing pains” are but that year puberty slapped my mama in the face twice (haha). Although growing pains are more prevalent in children and teens, I don’t think we can ever get away from such discomfort in our adult lives.

As I reflect of the past year of 2015, I’ve revisited the major and minor events that occurred: the good, the bad, and the ugly. And as I gained new friendships, a new relationship, recognition in school, accomplishment of personal goals, I endured the deaths in my family, two job layoffs, family drama, and just plain bad luck. And throughout all of this, I came to a humbling conclusion – pain is a part of the life process.


I use to pride myself on having everything together or at least the appearance that I did. 2015 taught me that I do not have any control over life at all. I only have control of how I view life and how decide to deal with what life throws at me. It’s something about tough times that allow us to learn more about ourselves and others around us. Hard trials can reveal your strengths, your weaknesses, and the beautiful and ugly aspects of you that your try so hard to hide. And with each revelation we grow. We learn something new about ourselves, about others, and life.

I’ve learned two things this past year; enjoy the little things and never give up. As we go through life, it’s so easy to become consumed by the big ideas, items, and events. There are so many graduations, marriages, and big purchases (such as a car or home) to be made. But let’s not forget to enjoy the little things like playing board games with family, boring days, waking up each morning, and a sunny day. And secondly, never give up. I wanted to give up on so many things this year because I was letting the growing pains bring out the worst in me. They were bringing out impatience, a bad temper, and laziness. But had I given up I would have missed out on so many of the good things that happened.

All in all, you should never want to stop growing. But you can change your perception and how you deal with them.

“I’m Just Saying..”

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