“I’m Just Saying..”:: How Social Media Has Reshaped Dating


The other day I was confronted by a few of my fellow CueTheRant! colleagues because I haven’t posted any pictures of my new boyfriend on social media. This really caught me by surprise. I really didn’t see it as a big deal and neither does my boyfriend. Everything is good in the hood and it rarely crosses our minds to stop what we’re doing to take picture. I didn’t realize there was a requirement for either one of us to share an image of each other or update our relationship status on social media but apparently, it is. Social media has changed dating and relationships forever.

Social media is an amazing thing. It gives anyone with an internet connection the ability become a part of larger constant conversation by simply keeping people updated about their everyday lives. Through memes, pictures, status updates, tweets and pins anyone can share information of their lives for the world to view, interpret, misinterpret, judge, examine, envy, copy, like, dislike, share… you get the point. That goes for anything you post, whether it’s an outfit, an accomplishment, or your boo thang. So I can see why not sharing moments of your significant other can be considered “weird.” People usually share things they are happy about and proud of. And some of my followers seem to REALLY happy and proud because they constantly post photos of their new significant other.

YOung couple taking pictures on their phone

But people seem to forget that anything you post or share on these sites is fair game. Your intention may be to share the fun moments of your relationship and show others how its growing but it can easily permit more accessibility for unwanted and unnecessary opinions about your relationship such as unwanted messages and the like. This can also lead to stalking each others pages, creating mistrust and other crazy things. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid social media because of the negativity. If your relationship has trust, respect and proper communication including an understanding of proper social media etiquette while in a relationship, there should be no concerns.

At the end of the day, social media may have reshaped relationships but it cannot ruin them. Only people can do that.

“I’m Just Saying..”

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