“Cue The Rant!”:: You Don’t Want To Be Successful, You Want To Be Famous

finalig2People’s addiction to fame has been deeply disturbing me as of late.

The hardest part is making people realize that they probably won’t be famous. It’s almost like trying to convince people they aren’t winning the lotto. Here’s the bottom line. Nobody cares about you. People who don’t know you don’t care enough to watch your life on TV. But telling people this is getting harder and harder because of shows like “Bring It!” making virtual nobodies into local celebrities. People now no longer care about being successful. They just want to look successful.


And this is especially evident in the local business community. It seems as though half the people who start businesses can’t grasp the most basic concept to help them be successful.

The basic principle of a business is to make money. Anything else you want to accomplish with your business isn’t important. I don’t care how noble it is. You want to start a clinic to help trauma victims? That’s nice. You want to start a business to be an inspiration for people around you? That’s amazing. Having a purpose behind your business is very important but it’s not the most important element to starting a business.

No matter what your business is and no matter what great thing you want to do with it, people have to realize the number one core objective to any business is to make money. And if that isn’t at the forefront of the business owners mind when you move and make decisions then your business will not be successful. And outside the business world having that mindset makes you seem cold but that is what it takes to ensure success for your business. If you start a business with any other primary objective other than to make money then that is called a hobby.

?????????????????????????????????????????And hobbies are fine. Doing something noble is a great thing. But if you conflate that with running a business, then it is doomed to fail. I see so many people start a ‘business’ only for it to fail because they realize on the back end that ‘hey, I need to make money to keep this going’. Then their dream is lost and they’ve wasted a massive amount of time that they didn’t have to if they just remembered the business aspect in the beginning and treated their passion like a business if that’s what they wanted to do.

This reality TV era has exacerbated people’s addiction to fame and clouded their judgement and entrepreneurial spirit. It’s more about being known and making an empty impact than actually doing things that matter and being successful. And this is one of the pull backs from social media and reality TV. While these things can be used to change the world and achieve great things, there are bad things that have come from this as well and as widely evidenced.

black-woman-at-work-stressedJust look at the new GoFundme trend where people are asking for funding for ridiculous things not because they want it, but because they want to get famous and go viral off saying ridiculous things. This desperate grab for attention is sad at best.

You guys don’t want to be successful. You want to be famous. Know the difference and don’t waste your time disguising your efforts. Just accept it. It’ll save you a lot of money and heartache in the long run.

Feels good to be back on this beautiful Friday. Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

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