The Top 5 Timeline:: Black History Month, Black Dances, & More

top5timelinesBKGRDHey folks! Welcome to another Top 5 Timeline! Let’s laugh shall we?!

1. Happy Black History Month

We need somebody like this at ever school making sure this happens.

2. When your friend asks if you smashed

We’ve all been there. Of course Obama is as cool as a fan with his answer.

3. When you have an announcement to the fellas

You didn’t fully enjoy your college years if you didn’t have some of these nights.


4. Black Viral Dances

They’re at it again. Dormtainment’s Nat Geo series delves into black viral dances.

5. When you really feeling the beat

Can’t help but kill it.

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to send us the funniest videos, meme’s, tweets or posts you see online! It could make our timeline! Holla!

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