Better Late Than Never: Obama Finally Starts Keeping It Real

Barack Obama

You know, I can’t be mad at Obama. Most liberals and Obama supporters are upset at him for waiting so long to stop caring and start doing what he has been doing and that’s telling it like it is.

Obama has been on a roll of sorts, since his State of the Union when he retorted back at Conservatives “I don’t have anymore elections to run, I know because I won them both”. This was easily one of the most gangster moves I’ve ever seen a President make and it really made me proud that we elected such a smart black man into office.


After that State of the Union address, Obama proceeded to unveil a plan to make community college education free, helping to fundamentally change the higher education industry and country by incentivising students to make good grades for free education that will in turn produce a more robust and educated workforce.

And now recently at the National Prayer Breakfast, he spit some more wisdom that I thought was pretty well known and in general consensus.

Let’s not miss the point people. Violence isn’t exclusive to one religion. What President Obama is saying is that people of all religions and faiths (especially Christians) have used religion to justify horrible acts and that Christians need not forget that. What he said was totally true and factually accurate and people who don’t agree or can’t understand that, quite frankly, lack reasonable cognitive skills.

Kudos to you Obama for keeping it real and telling it like it is. Just because he didn’t go around at the beginning of his Presidency pulling the veil from people’s eyes doesn’t make him a disappointment. He was attempting to be moderate, politically correct and to ‘reach across the aisle’ but now that his presidency is nearing it’s end he can really put forth his agenda the way he sees fit.

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