The Top 5 Timeline:: Black Roasting, When The Squad Goes Out, & More

top5timelinesBKGRDWelcome to another Top 5 Timeline! Let’s laugh shall we?!

1. Black roasting

Dormtainment is back all this month with the Black Nat Geo series celebrating all things black culture. He’s the first about roasting.

2. The Fresh Prince of Hosting

Jimmy Fallon I don’t think is actually funny, he’s just a likable guy and great impressionist. Anyway, here is his spot on version of The Fresh Prince opening. Hilarious.

3. Before the squad goes out

This was me and the crew every Thursday before the club

4. When your best friend hooks you up

This is so literal.

5. When you’re trying to change your life

Don’t be surprised. The time will always come.

IMG_8496Alright, thanks for the checking out the Top 5 Timeline! Submit to us the funniest stuff you’ve seen on the internet! It could make our timeline! Holla!

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