“I’m Just Saying..”:: Keep Doors Closed


It’s something about spending the holidays at home that forces me to reminisce on old memories, habits, relationships, people etc. And as the nostalgia begins to invade my mind, temptation to revisit old hangouts, people, and habits arises. Although revisiting the past at times can be therapeutic, certain people, places, opportunities, and habits are not worth returning too. During the nostalgia moments we tend to ‘forget’ and even ignore reasons why we distanced ourselves from certain things. We entertain the idea of reopening the infamous ‘closed door.’


A closed door represents a barrier, protection from, or prevention of communication and access to someone or something. Sometimes we close doors on situations or sometimes situations close doors on us. Either way, it disconnects us from something we have deemed unnecessary, harmful, and insufficient to our lives. Have you been tempted to reopen a closed door lately?

We shouldn’t lie to ourselves and deny the truth. Reopening a closed door can allow those negative issues that we have been avoiding to enter our current lifestyle. That could be a good thing but it may not. If you’re anything like me, I tend to use the “need for closure” as a way to reopen and peak behind those close doors. However, if a barrier is already created and your reasons are truly rational, closure is already complete. Is it really a good idea to reach out to that ex that you could never say no to? Would that do more harm than good in your current life position?


Be thankful for closed doors. Certain things should not have free access to you. If you must reopen a closed door make sure you’re strong enough to close it back if need be.

“I’m Just Saying..”

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