The Counselor:: If You’re Really Mad At ‘Sorority Sisters’, Then Prove It


I am enthralled by the activism and actions of my black Greek letter community. From creating and signing petitions to hashtag activism, I have to admit I am excited. Even national presidents of all four historically black sororities made an official joint statement of discontent and that has contributed to sponsorships being pulled. This persistent effort is undoubtedly what our organizations have always stood upon in times of great historical significance and I think this is one of those times. So, to answer my own question–

Yes, you are mad.

While I am happy to see progress as a result of the diligence of my BGLO community, it is my hope that it doesn’t stop at this show. This show is only the tip of the iceberg in a world full of perpetual negative stereotypes of black women and black people in general. I hope that this discussion can finally lead to change and helping people see the bigger picture. I hope that this anger clears the vision & focuses the mind of many to be able to not only visualize, but comprehend the bigger problems of the perceptions of black people in the media.


And to the ignorant argument of “The women on those other shows don’t represent me”; let’s get real. Yes, they do because this is unfortunately how the majority of society sees you. Their platform is large and wide reaching and if all they perpetuate is negative images of black women then you have to be honest with yourself and realize this is how people will view you so they do represent you. Black women don’t have a lot of opportunities to display their images on TV so when they finally do and this is all you get then they are a representation of you.

If what is happening remains solely about this one show, then we will have lost an opportunity that you have created to be a voice for all women of color who are misrepresented in the media and not just the ones who are members of historically black Greek letter organizations.


At the end of the day, I’m glad to have been a voice for people who share my perspective as well as to be able to challenge perspectives. On the flip side, for those who do not wish to share my perspective, I’m happy my thoughts served as a discussion starter and provoked your emotions and thoughts enough for you to leave a comment or even write a response to my blog.

While it may upset you to see your Sorors misrepresent you on TV, don’t let it distract you from the larger issue of how all black women are being portrayed in the media. Let’s continue to voice our opinions and make them listen.

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