The Warm Up:: Why Mississippi Doesn’t Deserve Big K.R.I.T.


Spring Semester 2010 was officially Wiz season on probably every college campus across the US. The critically acclaimed Kush & OJ dropped in April 2010, creating a wave of wannabe marijuana smokers and Wiz Khalifa fans across the globe. But I was slow to get on that bandwagon, although I loved his free spirited nature. At the time I was into lyrical artists so I brushed him off. I skimmed through the mixtape and only really listened to 3 or 4 songs on a regular basis. One day, my roommate walks in and tells me to listen to “Glass House” ft. Currensy and Big KRIT on the Kush & OJ mixtape. “Who is Big K.R.I.T.?” I asked. “He is an artist from Mississippi and he killed his verse,” my roommate said.

When Big K.R.I.T.’s verse starts I could immediately hear the Deep South in his tone. I remember thinking he sounded to me like Pimp C. Then he raps Mississippi Pimp!! / Mouth piece frigid /. I remember laughing about that line because it was so real. He sounded like Mississippi and his verse caught my attention. I had to hear more. I thought to myself, I like him but I hope he’s the real deal. Even Trinidad James can get lucky, but consistency is the key.

I got on my computer and downloaded K.R.I.T. Wuz Here. K.R.I.T. Wuz Here was a mixtape with album worthy material. It showed the consistency and capability of Big K.R.I.T. to make thought provoking music. The mixtape also introduced K.R.I.T. as a capable producer. Fast forward to 2014, now the Def Jam signee has produced four critically acclaimed mixtapes, two albums, and a bunch of collaborations. And in the hip-hop world he is widely regarded and respected as one of the great up and comers in the game. He always mentioned in the same circles as Drake, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole. And throughout he has stayed true to his Mississippi roots even though the majority of his fans aren’t from his home state. I still meet people on a daily basis in Mississippi who don’t even know who Big K.R.I.T. is. It seems Mississippi consists of more die hard Boosie fans than of people who even know who Big K.R.I.T. is. This often makes me really ponder; do we deserve Big K.R.I.T.’s brilliance?


Earlier this year, Big K.R.I.T. went on the Pay Attention tour with no performances in Mississippi. Why do you think that is?

The reason Big K.R.I.T. didn’t have a tour stop in Mississippi is quite clear. He has more fans elsewhere. Not enough people come to support him when he comes.The few times he has performed in Mississippi the venue was small and the demand for tickets wasn’t very high. Those shows weren’t close to filling the house, let alone selling out. But Mississippians have no problem selling out the Coliseum for a Boosie concert. K.R.I.T. understands that and that’s why he tours where he could make the most show money.

While K.R.I.T. has certainly enjoyed a lot of commercial success, I believe he would have had substantially more if he wasn’t from Mississippi. Lyrically, Big K.R.I.T. is just as good as Kendrick, J. Cole, and Drake. He has created two critically acclaimed albums, but hasn’t quite had the commercial success as his peers although he gets somewhat close. It’s quite understandable that artists from bigger cities will have an opportunity for more commercial success. And Big K.R.I.T. hasn’t had the crossover single that has opened the eyes of the masses yet. But he won’t get there without our support. We are supposed to be his biggest support base. He represents us and does a great job at it. He breaks misconceptions about people in the south and southern rap in general. But most of us don’t know who he is. And that’s sad.


I think he will eventually make that single when he collaborates with bigger artists. Being from the deep south, it’s hard being a lyricist when Southern Hip-Hop is based off music with no content. If Big K.R.I.T. was from the East or West Coast, he would definitely be one of the more notable artists in the game. He seems to be a once in a generational artist born in the wrong region of the country.

I think Mississippi needs Big K.R.I.T. , but we definitely don’t deserve him. He has shouted us out on every album. He has tried to carry us on his back since the time he first stepped on the scene. And yet still, at least half of Mississippi still doesn’t know who he is or respects his intelligence as an artist. We, from little ole Mississippi, have an artist on par to be one of the greats and is actively competing with and holding his own with the hottest today. We have to support and respect him. We have to bring him back to perform. We have to pack the shows and most importantly, we have to buy the music. J. Cole just showed you can still be an artist of substance with no radio records and still sell. So it can be done.

So if he decided that he didn’t want to shout us out on anymore tracks, I wouldn’t and couldn’t even be upset. We have to start showing K.R.I.T. our appreciation folks.

32 responses to “The Warm Up:: Why Mississippi Doesn’t Deserve Big K.R.I.T.

  1. I feel this article for the most part, but I would like to say: I had KRIT on three sellout shows in MS over the years when he would still come to the area. One was opening for Wiz, but the other two he sold 800-1000 tickets by himself and sold out the venue. Just for the record.

    And most people don’t know he’s from here because he doesn’t market himself in Mississippi. His career blossomed in NYC and Atlanta.

  2. While this is true I would like to ad there are many talented people in Mississippi, support is somtimes a two way street. I witnessed Boosie and other artist even T.I work the streets of Mississippi they came here and got involved in the Mississippi hip hop scene which is constantly left out and over looked.It’s not that we don’t appreciate Big Krit bt I have been in Jackson ms 8 years on the hip hop scene and I haven’t seen Big Krit any where out here with enough promo to be recognized his like he should. I guess we should just already know he’s from Mississippi he doesn’t have to mingle with us at all for us to know of him? Seems to me he must have went from the studio to air waves every where else, cuz I don’t recall him being here at the stations asking for Mississippi support and showing support as I see other artist who claim Mississippi and are here fighting the fight with us all, for Mississippi and all the over looked artist. You see there is a big struggle going on in Mississippi and the hip hop scene, quite frankly if Mississippian’s don’t see you taking part in that at some point then they will not recognize you, an that is the bottom line my friend….

    Jus my opinion, Nikki

    • I don’t really understand what you mean. So he can’t get respect ’cause he didn’t hang around Jackson promoting himself? He did what he had to — go to Atlanta, a lot better place to get moving musically — to make it where he is. While I agree he should’ve stuck his foot in here, I don’t agree that he has to walk the streets and sling tapes out of his trunk in Jackson to get any kind of support. The real bottom line is you’re not going to be making a lot of moves here in Mississippi, you’re just not. You’re gonna have to move away sooner or later, so what is gonna end up being time well spent?

  3. I’m from Northern Mississippi born, raised, and still here. I think he’s one of the best I’ve ever heard and I support him to the fullest. With that being said, I first heard of Big K.R.I.T. in Dallas, TX by a dude from Little Rock. It’s not that I wouldn’t support him or that I’m not deserving of his talent.. It’s that he wasn’t here! I don’t know his full struggle but you can’t write off a whole state because he didn’t make himself accessible. No one is saying that he should be in the streets begging but I’ve seen artists like Boosie make an honest effort to be seen. I’ve seen Boosie promoting himself in clubs that didn’t even know he was coming. He just showed up. That’s that hustle that never dies. I love K.R.I.T. and I agree that he is often overlooked but it’s not Mississippi’s fault. Can’t put that on us.

  4. This article is stupid. For the most part, Mississippians aren’t the complete fan base for any artist. Krit is no different. If mississippi could produce a top selling artist, our talent wouldn’t go elsewhere to make it.

  5. I’m his 8th grade History teacher and I’m proud if him. His style if music is not my favorite but I have listened to many of his songs. Sometimes you have to do what you gotta do to make it, Justin aka Big K.R.I.T did just that. Meridian, MS is home and he has not forgotten.

  6. Yall are tripping this man promoted mississippi on every radio show and interview he’s done…there are plenty of artists in Mississippi that I have not heard of. I grew up with this man and I remember when most mississippi radio stations wouldn’t even give him air time, no one except his home town meridian….so there is a reason why alot of you guys haven’t heard of him until now. ..blame your radio stations for refusing to give him a chance. ..after he saw that he made the decision on graduation night that for him to have a chance he had to leave ms and he did but has never forgotten where he comes from just listen to the words in some of his songs…and this article was way of base. …Jackson ms shows booster all that love cuz he was burning the highway up coming to jackson and the fact that one of his kids is here also

  7. Everybody got something to say bout Mississippi. If your not from here you’ll never understand.

  8. I’m a Columbus MS native just a hop and skip away from meridan now tell me why is it I have seen lil boosie here more than I’ve seen k.r.i.t. its funny because this article states not many mississppians know about or respect him. Who’s fault is that? To get live you have to show love. Another issue is that there is more to the mississippi music scene than Jackson. Shoutting out mississippi in yo bars doesn’t mean a thing when you dont do your thang here.

  9. Most people from Meridian that leaves and makes it big too often leaves this town in the dust. Yea, he might give shout outs to us when he can but let’s face it…. he has not been promoting himself here like he should. Only then maybe he would get more notoriety here. Like someone else said, somebody always have something to say about us and if you’re not from here you wouldn’t understand. I know people from here that goes elsewhere and literally spit on the place they came from. I don’t care how bad you think Mississippi is, if you were born here, you should respect it no matter what. And if you don’t like it, how about trying to change the things you don’t like.

  10. This is just a classic case of “I’m from there but don’t really fuck with ’em syndrome”. I see it too much around here in Meridian, or just Mississippi period. There are so many famous people that are originally from Mississippi but will die before they admit it or either bring it up and I think it’s really sad because no matter where you come from, you should still respect where you started out at. Yea, the occasional shout out is cool and all but don’t mean nothing unless you are actually proud of your humble beginnings. Shout out to Sela Ward for actually showing her face around Meridian every now and then. Smdh.

  11. Most folks here in Mississippi I know jump on band wagons he gotta blow up a lil more for that. Said to say our black society don’t support people here cause 1st of most always got something negative to say cause they broke and are crabs in buckets. Not just big krit but it’s any black business man that have dreams. This is a republican state and not to many dreams happen here u have to go out make it and then come back here to encourage and help the people that wanna follow your steps. Me personally since Mississippi hasn’t supported him to made him what he is. I wouldn’t rep the whole state just meridian. Y’all talking bout he ain’t came to y’all clubs and all that ummm maybe he don’t like clubs ? I bet y’all ain’t never met Obama but bet y’all still voted for him ! I’m pretty sure Obama ain’t came to y’all club smh if u like the music show love bottom line. This dude wrote this to let everyone know we don’t support him enough and y’all talking bout he don’t come around Smh u wonder y

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  13. Krit is doing wat he gotta do. He reps da Sipp, I’m proud that he’s going from state to state shouting us out and as far as the fans in MS who dont recognize him it’s only because they choose not to, not because he’s not putting on. I know plenty of up and coming rappers who don’t get no love in da state or even there hometown. I bet yall don’t know Tito Lopez neither another MS native with great lyrical content.. Dis article is true in some parts but in others I think it’s based on assumptions, and these comments about him not coming back and promoting his material here is lies, and 8/10 Mississippians wana listen to music about ass shaking, trapping, and pullin a pistol, so that’s why these other artist are getting more support than him even in his own state, look at wats on the radio.. King remembered in time (k.r.i.t) he knows he’s gonna be great I’m glad he’s from here and we deserve em… I’m proud to be from the M i crooked and krit makes it even better, shout out heidelberg ms

  14. And as far as Boosie you might as well say he from the Sipp.. He is very lyrical jus from a gangster stand point sort of like he is the souths tupac.. But people will judge my comments before they listen to all his music.. Pac hit yu wit songs about violence and crimes then give you something real like “Brenda’s got a baby”, Boosie does the same thing

  15. Im from Jackson , ms and I never heard of krit until kush and Orange juice, glass house caught my attention and I was so proud to here MISSISSIPPI PIMP!! On that track and on such a successful mixtape. So I searched for more and found gold on KRIT wuz here! For the life of me I couldn’t grasp how he slipped thru the cracks without any of us hearing of him in my city prior to kush and Orange juice. But being an artist myself I know the frustrations of seeking that hometown/homestate acceptance and for an artist that great to have to leave and make it is ridiculous!! But I blame the radio stations and the djs because they knew what he had was gold but ignored him when we SHOULDA carried him on our shoulders as the ambassador for the sip and maybe Mississippi would have finally had a run because the state is packed with talent! Krit came to jackson a couple of times and the place was hardly packed, you would have thought it was a showcase for local artist. With that being said I know from growing up in jackson the sound that’s preferred majority is the gangster dope boy rap , I have been listening to boosie since I was 11 or 12 , never saw him until I was 18, it was a grass root start to grow with boosie over time as an artist and with krit we were robbed of that opportunity but at the same time most of my hometown prefers the trap rap and that’s life. it’s just the people who prefer BOOSIE , yo gotti and Kevin gates have appreciation for KRIT enough to say he is jamming but they will literally die for boosie. But krit shouts out the sip and for me that’s good enough cuz the way he was ignored by the state’s music gatekeepers he has every right to be angry but he is not or at least in the public eye he doesn’t show it and I know a plethora of mad rappers who can’t wait for their chance to say f Mississippi just as Elvis Presley did! Krit represents what the sip is capable of and im proud as hell of him and I agree with the article , fuck with people that fuck with you , simple

  16. Welcome to the reality that is Mississippi. I live in jackson. I was a club dj for 4 years. To start this out the radio stations here are all a part of a under the table system. ESPECIALLY THE BIG STATION. The proof is in the radio commercial. Ever notice how you listen to a club promo on the radio and a certain radio dj will be djing but when you get there they not there…they using discounts, under cover system. They do that for playing people music too. Artists back then had no real chance of making it when dope boys wanna be rappers were paying the radio stations to play their songs. Jackson Ms is a city about money. ..problem is everybody broke. There is no making it here at this time unless you go elsewhere. I love my city…but things need to be fixed here starting with the radio. FIX IT PEOPLE. BIG KRIT DOING HIS THING REGARDLESS…I dont fault him. Trill fam Ent get money because they put in work here early in the game however how many artists you know from Jackson made it. Dont say Banner he went to Atlanta where the people are, And rep Mississippi. Which if you know your facts wonder how Bone Crusher from Atlanta put out “Never Scared” Reese & Bigalow put that song out from Jackson Ms and went to Atlanta. Honestly djs get more money here in Jackson. And everybody clicked up so its virtually impossible to make it from here as an artists unless your backed. Big Krit made it without the help of Jackson Ms. And its always been like that.

  17. He’s a rapper big deal there’s not a shortage that’s why know one knows and it suspect don’t care.

  18. Person wrote this article sounds like more of a Boosie hater to me rappers such as T.I. Lil Wayne Kevin Gates Gucci Mane and etc have more fans and MS and have also sold out shows here dont just call out or compare to one rapper(Boosie) honestly im a fan of both been bumpin boosie since 2002 been on K.R.I.T. since Glass House on Kush n OJ Boosie was actually the first rapper to show Jackson and the rest of Mississippi love in his tracks yea Master P may have shouted us out but Boosie was actually in the hood promoting and made this country piece of s**t state feel important K.R.I.T. aint never did none of that but then again K.R.I.T. dont need MS he just that great if it wasnt for MS Boosie wouldnt be where he is now K.R.I.T. would be at the top with or without MS he just that talented and good

  19. For the ppl acting like Krit ain’t repping hard enough for MS…yall live in a box that consist of only paying attention to the artist you hear in the club…Gotti, Boosie etc…Anybody paying attention to Krit would know he put for us all the time wherever he’s at. Every interview, every show and and almost every song…Buddy even wore a wooden MS chain for like 2 yrs straight on national tours. Boosie put on too but he wasnt slangin cds out the trunk like yall saying. Boosie was always here cause this is where he made the bulk of his money early in here career… Nobody was messing with him like Jackson was… He just returned the love through shoutouts. Side note: if u not making trap rap Jackson will not mess with u.

  20. I’m from Meridian, MS. It’s a very “high school, don’t show no love for your own people, hate to see anybody come up” type of place. He should definitely get support from his own town; but unfortunately, the city where I anymore from is full of people who jump on the band wagon. He will not get full support until he become the same caliber as Jay Z, Kanye, and/or TI.

  21. I love big krit because he has raw talent. I do see your point however he can’t give up just because the entire state is not 100 percent. He should continue touring in Mississippi and one said the road would be easy. Consistently is key. People will continue to support! I know plenty of people who love real music that krit displays. I was actually at the concert he did here in Jackson at Jacobs tacos. That was my first time seeing him live but if he came back I would support.

  22. To be honest there is a very big controversial topic when you talking about king of the south(Big Krit). He is a musical prodigy and deserves so much more respect not only as an artist but as a human being. Our world is filled with many people who can hop on a song and sing or rap about the most insane craziest things I have heard in my life. I’m not knocking anyone’s music in particular, I just saying real music speaks to individuals who looks not only for sound quality, but lyrically induced.
    For him to be the artist he is and have such an enormous lyrical flow, he isn’t recognized the way he should be. Places like Meridian Mississippi, Arkansas, and Alabama are overlooked as far as talent goes. (Krit) mentions this in almost every interview he has been in, because it is true. So many artist talk about their music and their Love for their fans but stay performing in the big cities like smaller ones dont matter. I have respect for many artist music but as a person not so much because of their mentality. Krit is a southern rapper who I consider the only person I bump in my car, I have bought every single album Krit had produced. I could really go further into detail but I choose not to due to the publicity this could cause.
    (Krit) all day every day… Pay attention people..wake up real music is not dead with the KING OF THE SOUTH…

  23. I will always and forever be a fan of (krit)
    He talent is flawless and when I start my career in music I will follow in his steps coming up in the small town, where the real fans are…

  24. Me my myself am a 17 year old boy from vicksburg Mississippi and I can’t even lie the first time I ever heard big krit name was in the control verse by kendrick And the first song I heard by him was we make it cool to be southern on 2k 14 I think and I was like this nigga representing the south just like he should and he is good niggas from the south usually trash now I mean niggas like scarface and outkast where greats and they rept the south to the fullest but there is the niggas from Mississippi who are trash like Rae srummurd and they from tupelo and if u know tupelo it is domently white. These no flex zone ass niggas never rep Mississippi and sound like little bitches. I thought these niggas was younger than me but they 20. One day I’m gonna rep Mississippi just like big krit look out for my name. But back to big krit I didn’t start tucking with him till about a year ago after I heard Mt Olympus it was over with. Now big krit is like the second or third rapper who has the most songs on my phone and I have 1064 songs on my phone j.cole has a few more songs on my phone then him and him and kendrick has about the same but that is the top three best rappers in the game right now in the 90s it was tupac nas and biggie. Now its kendrick Cole and krit. Krit is way better than drake. Hell big Sean is better then drake who is a mainstream ass nigga. I fuck with drake but he still is. I don’t listen to fake shit i can’t do it. Lil Wayne is wack now too t.i fell off making songs with gay niggas like young thug and endorsing white ass iggy who sucks at Rap Luke she suck dick. You’re right krit needs a hit single and more Mississippi shows but he be at Alcorn alot and he performed at jackson state with the band playing Mt Olympus and it was amazing as fuck if u want to get on your big krit I can recommend some songs. The vent is a must listen and may day by him and lecrea listen to dreamin, soulfood, king of the south, bigger picture, r.e.m., Mt Olympus and many more like his mixtapes krit was here and return of 4 eva and Cadillactica and king remember in time. And anybody coming out of Mississippi on the rap scene tell me I want to colaberate with as many Mississippi rappers as possible my rap name is wordplay real name dierius abby instagram d_word_play and face book: dierius abby.

    • Yeah I was first introduced to his music when I headed rotation, after that I knew he was a great artist… I’m 22 outta lil rock Arkansas..i rap and sing, I’m looking to network with ppl. Wbu?

  25. Big Krit did two shows for us in Midtown @ 121 Millsaps NMAC. A meet and greet at Mardi Gras. Two big shows thru Chris. As far as Ms. people not knowing who he is..the people who supposed to know, know! I didn’t see Def Jam pushing him thru the doors of Freelons, Night life, MBar or Birdland in JXN when it was time to push his project. So how are the non- Hip Hop, street/ trap music lovers (the majority of blk rap song listeners in ms.) supposed to support Krit when they haven’t been even exposed to Krit the right way. But then again Boosie played every venue in JXN dam near. AND you seen him in the streets more in Jxn than you ever seen Krit and he is from MS.

  26. Let’s not pretend that most people wait for artists to blow up before they even support artists from their hometown. Nothing new. #kritfan

  27. I’m from the heart of meridian and ik I putt on for my nigga cause he made it out of this I can to if u have a plan his music will touch u if u just listen everyword he say u can see a picture of it

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