The Top 5 Timeline:: How To Tell If You’re A Hoe, Eminem Comes Out & More


I’m taking over the Timeline this week while Jordan is off! Check out what I think is the funniest of the week!

1. When you’re bored on Christmas vacation

I know I can relate. Nothing else better to do.

2. Who snitched on Bobby Shmurda?

#FreeBobby lol

IMG_80853. How to tell if you’re a hoe

This is surprisingly true.. lol

IMG_80414. Females be like

Can’t count how many times this has happened to me. I’ll never understand women.

5. Eminem comes out

In support of the new Seth Rogen and James Franco comedy that came out this weekend, here’s a hilarious clips from the movie. Eminem ‘comes out’.

Alright thanks for checking out my timeline! Don’t forget to submit the funniest tweets, meme’s, photos and videos to us here! They could make the Top 5 Timeline!

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