So NOW You’re Mad?: A Response To ‘Sorority Sisters’ from a Sorority Sister


As a black woman, who also happens to be member of a historically black sorority, I’m confused and in awe at the elitism of my fellow peers.  So after years and YEARS of Love & Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, and other Monday night foolery on VH1 now you all want to be upset at VH1’s portrayal of black women because it finally hits home? Really? Oh ok. Wake up.

To my fellow black Greeks who claim the show is a misrepresentation of what your sorority stands for: you need to step back and take a realistic look at that statement.

YOU may not act like that (of course you don’t), but there’s someone in your sorority that does. How do I know? Because they signed up for a show like, “Sorority Sisters” and I’ll bet that there is more from where they came from! I would like to think that because we choose to join these organizations with principles similar to scholarship, respect, servitude, and leadership that everyone will choose to reflect those principles and preserve the dignity of those before us in their daily lives? But I’m not naive.


Not to discredit anyone’s feelings about this show and their sorority because you are entitled to feel the way you do. I definitely feel that my sorority has taught me and continues to teach me about sisterly love, service, scholarship and finer womanhood. My hope is that this light shines through me to positively impact others around me – regardless of the letters. My hope is that these Greek letters are not used as a social class to divide us (black people) even more. But however, to some extent, it does.

With that being said…

It’s time for black Greeks to stop acting like they are better than black people. Now, I would be ignorant to say that being in a Black Greek Letter Organization doesn’t equate to a higher socioeconomic status. ALL of our beloved organizations were founded at universities. With that being said, being entitled to higher education PERIOD (especially through the years of 1906-1963) automatically gives our organizations a sense of elitism and the “Them vs. Us” mentality.

On the flip side, if this show is what it took to hit home for you regarding the misrepresentation of black women via media, then I guess it’s a good thing! Sometimes it takes people getting angry to evoke change. However, my only concern about it finally hitting home is that you still won’t see the bigger issue. Now, if I see someone who is also my Soror acting a fool on TV, should I disappointed? Yes. But I’m more ashamed, disappointed, and upset to see the repetitive images of ANY black woman acting a fool on TV. Especially over the likes of a man (but that’s a whole other blog post).


It’s sad that your moral barometer is only activated when your letters are disrespected and not when your womanhood is.

Girlfriends was one of my favorite TV shows growing up because it gave me something to look up to as a young black woman (shout out to Mara Brock Akil). Now, I hate that there is NOTHING for me to watch on TV that celebrates the sisterhood, struggles, friendships, life, and love between black women, whether “reality” or “scripted”. Now, let’s make a petition about that.

60 responses to “So NOW You’re Mad?: A Response To ‘Sorority Sisters’ from a Sorority Sister

  1. Much respect to this writer, she hit the nail right on the head!!! I was saying almost this same thing to my A Phi A friend today…..

    • Finally someone points out the obvious! It’s easy to blame vh1 for continuing to perpetuate bad stereotypes and boycott the network. But…vh1 wouldn’t have a show IF they didn’t have willing participants that agreed to the contractual terms to get paid. And what if anything can the organizations do to those participating on this show? That’s assuming they’re financial.

  2. This article uses a flawed argument. It assumes that Greeks love LHHA but hate this show. There has been a large movement in the black community to denounce all ratchet shows. To assume that Greeks were not a part of that movement as well as this is foolish. Would you be mad at Drs if they were against the Ratchet Dr shows? Are u mad at church members for being mad at the Ratchet Preacher shows? Why should Greeks feel bad for taking a stand on a show that paints them in a negative light? ESPECIALLY when there are large numbers of Greeks that were against all ratchet tv in the first place?

    • I think the author is speaking to Greeks who love Love and Hip Hop but are mad at Sorority Sisters. She’s not assuming anything. She’s speaking to a particular audience.

      • “It’s time for black Greeks to stop acting like they are better than black people.” Definitely sounds like an assumption to me…at the very least a gross generalization. If she is speaking to a specific audience then she needs to direct the article to subset of black greeks. To make the statement that Black greeks feel better than other Black people and imply that they did not care about the depiction of Black women in ratchet reality tv before is cast a shadow over all Black greeks.

      • I think she assumed everything. Who’s to say we haven’t protested about other shows? It’s one thing to behave in a demoralizing way as a human being in America, the bill of rights provides you with that opportunity, but when you group an entire organization and then decide to become the depiction of orginaizational standards, that’s a problem. That’s like saying black men and women currently on any reality show represent the black community. Be realistic… On another note, I am also boycotting and have been boycotting BET’s Being Mary Jane. That show is currently high on my list of shows that should be ban as well.

    • It doesn’t assume it’s stating the Idea that as women you should be mad or upset how we as black women are represented by vh1 and not just upset because the supposed “elite letters” have been tainted by vh1 reality show

    • Why should Greek organizations be slammed for being outraged by something that paints them in a negative light? It’s only logical that any organization be outraged by something that negatively impacts that organization. That’s like saying if you are against sin then you should be outraged by each and every sin you encounter. That’s just not realistic! I’m sure Greek organizations don’t like ratchet behavior of any kind if you were to ask them. There’s a difference between people acting on behalf of themselves versus an organization. The show is called Sorority Sisters not Ratchet Women with College Degrees. Therefore they are promoting the fact that they belong their respective sororities! Because of that those Sororities have a right to approve and disapprove thus controlling the image of their brand. C’mon now!

  3. This was spot on! I have been feeling this exact same way because I am Facebook friends with many Greeks. I personally have never pledged, but growing up I hard people trying to influence me to pledge AKA, so naturally I kind of like to see what they’re doing in their organization to see if that’s something I would have even really been good for. My point is that I have been seeing angry post after angry post after angry post about this show. The same women who religiously make sure that they are home by whatever time LHH comes on and they tweet the entire show about what’s going on. I agree with you when you said that you hope that their anger will spark change. Kudos!

  4. I personally have been reluctant to support any of those damming shows that depict our culture in a negative light. However, the point there is well taken and received. Do people like that exist in every organization? Absolutely! The main problem with the Sorority Sisters show is its obvious exploitation of the Greek culture in efforts to generate revenue. It’s a Greek show centered on controversy. That’s just wrong. The casts members are coerced into situations that create uncomfortable and hostile environments which lead to forced, unnatural reactions. Pull the plug!

  5. I’ve been mad about all of these shows. I don’t support them in ratings, don’t promote them and as a person working in television and film, do my best to discredit them as ‘reality’ to the young brothers and sisters I go out and speak to. Yes, I am up in arms about my organization being shown in this type of light. We can’t control all people but we joined organizations that have standards, standards that these women have blatantly disregarded. We can’t snatch the color from their skin and we can’t snatch what makes them female, but we can snatch their letters and that is precisely what their nationals should do.

  6. I think I’m most disturbed by your admonishment in the form of “it’s time for black Greeks to stop acting like they are better than black people.” It’s not about acting like we’re better but I think you’ve forgotten that we’ve joined organizations where membership is exclusive and our collective reaction is based on the fact that clearly, someone left the gate open. Could we have been at the forefront of getting these shows shut down? Sure. But since neither of us got the ball rolling, you can also have a seat, pick up a mirror and start your finger pointing there.

    • To “get the ball rolling” requires a critical mass of support – which has simply not been roused by the multitude of horrendous of crap black reality shows. That’s the author’s point, where was this tsunami of outrage at any of this show’s predecessors? I can scream into the night all I want, but I’m only one person. These folks chose not to use their clearly considerable collective power until their very particular way of life was targeted. Cry me a freakn river.

  7. Yes I’m upset. I can care less about these ratchet shows but to disgrace an organization is too far. They know better and when each organization denounce them they will be looking crazy. The part that upsets me is the fact they know that this is would violate bylaws. So yes your article makes valid points but I dont care about these fools wanting to make a dollar but I do care about my sorority’s reputation as well as the others. Thank you

  8. I have an issue with people using Mona Scott Young as the scapegoat. Yes, she’s the “mastermind” behind all of these shows. But, let’s be real…there would be no show without the women who voluntarily participate. These shows have been going on for far too long for anyone to expect anything positive to be portrayed. The women who CHOSE to participate knew what they were signing up for when they agreed to be on the show. Just because someone has a concept doesn’t mean that it has to come to fruition. As far as the organizations being portrayed in a negative light, I don’t buy into that argument either. If adults are basing their perspective of organizations with hundreds of thousands of members off one or two people, we have a much bigger problem than this show.

    • Why wouldn’t you but the argument regarding the organizations being seen negatively? This happens everyday. See one black youth with a hoodie, must be a thug or criminal. Perception is reality to so many people, they never stop to determine truth. These organizations have worked, some, over 100 years to build a brand. The merit of their brand helps to establish partnerships and programs which serve a much greater good than any one individual on a reality show can determine. I for one do not entertain any reality show due to the poor display of “human” character and more simply because I’d rather spend time discussing ideas rather than people. These very organizations are in the trenches counteracting the issues created by these ill-fated, ill-advised “entertainment ” wrecks. The simple question remains if it were your brand being exploited would it be acceptable?

  9. I like this article because it points out an argument that I have not considered. I blogged about something really similar and agree that the hit to my letters is less concerning than the hit to my blackness. When the majority sees a show like this, they lump it in with all the shenanigans they expect from black women, not necessarily the shenanigans they expect from sorority girls. I don’t think I agree that women in sororities should be made to feel as though they should also decry all ratchet reality TV if they decry Sorority Sisters. It’s possible to feel especially angered by the one without being especially angered by the other. There are levels to a person’s identity, and it’s okay.

  10. As a fellow member of a divine nine organization, I do partially agree with what you are saying. I do not watch Love and Hip Hop (LHH), House Wives or any of those other shows because they are a bad representation of who we are as a people and I just don’t enjoy shows of that caliber. Now when it comes to individuals representing whole organizations who are about so much more than what is being portrayed on TV, than I have an even bigger problem. The difference between those other shows and “Sorority Sisters” is that when they see the young ladies who representing their organization, it wont just be “Keisha” acting a fool on TV, it will be AKA, DST, ZPhiB or SGRho on TV acting a fool. Is it fair that you have a few people bring down so much that we have built on on these lovely organizations; it isn’t. Although LHH and House Wives, we are being portrayed in a negative light, when people recognize the individuals from the show, they do not say “You’re that black girl from the show.” They are addressed by who they are as individuals, but now when people address any one from any of the prospective organizations, they will say wow, those AkA’s, Delta’s Zetas, or SGRho’s are out of control which is not true. They should have been on the show as individuals to show who they were. I bet you that at anytime during the run of the show, they will not show the community service that the Delta’s or AKA’s do. Or any other positive that these organizations do. If you want to show a people, you should show all aspects of what they represent. The good and the bad. Not just the bad which is not majority of the organization. Some bad apples do fall through the cracks but that is true with any and every organization. To allow those few people to represent entire groups of women just isn’t right.

  11. I have only watched one reality tv show and that was Gigolos…about White menfolks being manwhores in Las Vegas. That said I hate reality tv and cannot for the life of me see what the allure is…and this is coming from someone who has watched a lot…in some ways…too much tv. The discord of this piece of tripe as well as the ongoing call to boycott the product of producer Shonda Rhimes speaks to the classism and the sexism nestled deep within Black America. To all the non-ghetto/non-ratchet Black women who looked away from the encroaching chaos till now I shall leave you with words of German pastor Martin Niemöller:
    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  12. People like myself have been mad, which is why I choose not to watch any of those shows, ever. That had been my silent boycott. But when it hits even closer to home I will do what’s necessary to protect the history and legacy of my organization. I would have been more vocal about these shows early on if not so many of my fellow Black sisters weren’t in support of watching these shows. All types of Black women watch these shows, so what I look like trying to do something about it? But when it comes to D9 orgs that are constantly receiving the short end of the stick (admittedly sometimes to our own doing) I stand up and say something. Additionally, who else is going to say anything on our behalf? We do too much good a lot times in the background to constantly be drug thru the mud because pop culture is fascinated with us but doesn’t want to learn about or support us. It can’t be both ways for them either.

  13. I understand your point; but realistically speaking…We have become a very complacent society and we have been very accepting of many things (guilty). Especially those that we deem to “not directly affect us (guilty).” We see these current Reality TV stars as representatives of themselves (guilty). However, I believe Sorority Sisters struck a nerve because these are women that are SEEN as representatives of the D9 organizations, its members, and its brand; which is unacceptable. Hopefully, this has become an eye opening experience that will initiate some real dialogue, help us reevaluate our morals and principles, and become better, as a people. #my2cents

    • That is a very honest and insightful critic and I think it was her point. We are a complacent society and I think this will serve a part of a catalyst for some kind of change! Thanks so much for reading and sharing!

  14. I am Greek and I do watch shows like LHH and RHOA but I am also disgusted with Sorority Sisters.

    I made a commitment to my sorority to uphold certain standards and pledged my allegiance to a certain set of values and principles. Do I always meet those standards? No, of course not, we all fall short. However, I do not get on television to make a quick buck and flaunt my flaws for the world to see AS A REPRESENTATION OF WHAT MY ORGANIZATION STANDS FOR. The difference between shows like LHH and this are that the women on LHH are portraying themselves whereas these girls are portraying a brand that they are more than likely not even financially committed to (an even bigger issue).

    So yes, NOW I’m mad. I don’t think that I am any better than any other black person but I do believe that by being initiated into an exclusive and selective organization and telling the world that I have made that commitment means that I should be judged by those standards. Vows should mean something, regardless if they got you into a sorority, fraternity or even a marriage. Should single men and married men be judged on the same basis? Should I feel the same about a show of bachelors sleeping around as I would a show of married men doing the same?

    Now obviously all of these shows: LHH, BWW, RHOA are all gross misrepresentations of African-American women and I can see how some might feel disrespected by that. But why do we as black people think we are all the same and share and feel collective guilt for the actions of any other black person? I get why white people feel that way about us but we (black people) know we aren’t all the same. When we see shows on television where white people are being negatively portrayed (and there are plenty of them) we don’t look at the next white person we see and say “they are just like those Honey Boo Boo types”. And white people don’t feel embarrassed for their entire race for the actions of a few. But when we look at all the shows on tv negatively depicting black people we automatically feel embarrassment and guilt for our us all. If we do it to ourselves how can we ever get white people to stop seeing us this way? If we were in a society where positive shows with a black majority cast were much greater than the negative would LHH and RHOA still bother you as much? Is it the balance that upsets you or the content? Because I can say that in ANY society Sorority Sisters would still bother me the exact same.

    So again, I am disgusted by SS because of it’s misrepresentation of an organization I worked VERY hard to be part of. I’m ashamed that these women would ever think that this was an acceptable option as I know that all of the collective organizations they represent would never condone such behavior. And I am also distraught that young girls who aspire to be in such organizations will think that this is the standard they should strive for. I fully agree that we need more positive images of African-American’s on television in general and when/if those shows are made I will watch them too. However, I completely reject the notion that I can find entertainment in one kind of reality show while condemning another.

    • However, I completely reject the notion that I can’t***** find entertainment in one kind of reality show while condemning another.

  15. This is just ANOTHER show that I will NOT be watching or supporting. Love and Hip Hop, Housewives, Basketball wives, the black church shows, and now this, Sorority Sisters. I wish we could ban them all, and we wonder why we are heavily stereotyped smh.

  16. We can get all these show shut down I agree but let just be real it always going to be one ignorant black person on TV because we don’t live and these country by are self….

  17. It’s not about the symbols, it’s about the negative depiction of women! I hate all those wretched reality shows and do not watch them!

  18. Yes yes and yes. I’ve been cringing through the proliferation of sh*tty reality shows displaying the manufactured triflin antics of black a-holes looking for their 15 minutes for years now. Where has this level of uproar been for the last five years as domestic violence, drug abuse, f-ed up parenting, and all around ridiculous behavior was broadcast for the world to lap up and use to judge black Americans? But now that the precious wall of secrecy, elitism, and mysticism surrounding black Greek life had been breached, NOW all you college educated negroes wanna buck. GTFOH. THIS is what you wield your hard – earned positions of power for? THIS?

    My only hope is that this builds a movement to hold broadcasters, producers, actors, and advertisers accountable for the sh*t portrayals of black life they pump out like raw sewage. But we all know that won’t be the case. Until the next affront to BGL rears its lace front-wigged head. /endrant

  19. Alright. Okay. But seriously? Can we all acknowledge that all kinds of bad stuff is happening every day and sometimes something just strikes a nerve? Is it okay to say that? Do we think the first person unfairly treated by police was Mike Brown? Or that George Zimmerman was the first person to be released from responsibility after mistreating one of our children? NO. WE. DO. NOT. Every cross can’t get thrown onto your back to bear at the same time for every single thing. Some just grab you, shake your shoulders and mobilize you. Should others, too? Perhaps. But I am rather annoyed with this argument. It would be like smashing folks for the “I can’t breathe” movement because of another lower profile case (and you know there are many.)

    Here’s what I think: Having a bunch of folks act stupid on television is never a good idea. But when it is a group of fame hungry has been exes, that’s one thing. But when you take the supposed Dorothy Heights, Shirley Chisolms, Leontyne Prices, Ruby Dees, Nikki Giovannis, and okay, I’ll name a non-Delta, Maya Angelous and get them on a platform like this? That’s a different ball game–in my opinion. We represent the leaders of our communities–we DO. That isn’t elitist. That’s preserving one of the most inspiring institutions we have. This? This is a disgrace.

    We Deltas are probably the most mad because (on this first episode) were portrayed with the highest level of ratchetness. I am a very proud Delta woman–educated for undergrad and medical school at two exceptional historically black institutions, the first of which blessed me with my initiation into Delta Sigma Theta. They not only disgraced my sorority, they also disgrace HBCUs and the beautiful collaborative relationships many in BGLOs enjoy. (My best friend is a Hampton AKA and I’m a Tuskegee Delta.) This is NOT COOL and is DIFFERENT than Love and Hip Hop or RHOA (which I wouldn’t have time to watch even if I didn’t think it was a hot mess.) What sounds elite to ME is this high horse about us being mad. Now you’re in my house–and you’ve hit a nerve. I’m as pissed about this as I was about Married to Medicine–and equally annoyed by all the questions I had to field from the inquiring non-black minds who want to know if “me and my–how do you say it? sor-ORS?–are like that?” And most of them ain’t even ACTIVE? Maaaaan. . . this is some bull.

    My dos pesos.

  20. The writer has some merited points but at the end of the day I understand why people are drawing differences. Yes, it is true that the women on those other ratchet reality shows represent Black women in the eyes of ignorant people, but they shouldn’t, and people who think these depictions are accurate representations of Black women and can’t recognize that entertainment should not be used as a realistic portrayal of a group of people are just ignorant. The basketball wives don’t purport to represent Black women, they are just uncouthed people in the entertainment biz.

    On the other hand, the girls from Sorority Sisters are purporting to in some way be representations of Black Greek life and relationships. People therefore wouldn’t be quite as ignorant to deduce that this is how Black Greek life is because these women have purposely offered themselves up as representations of Black Greek life while the basketball wives have not purposely offered themselves up as representations of all Black women.

  21. I’m going to continue to pray for the author!!! She has totally missed the point….If the members of your organization had observe you acting in such a manner before you were selected as a member, you would not be showing your “finer womanhood” on VH1.

  22. another flawed argument! the assumptions made here are clearly based on limited research if any at all and just ones opinion! sorry to hear that those you have engaged with were so limited in their thinking!

    I can assure you that there are MANY members of the sororities spoke against the other ratchet shows! Unless you have facts to dispute don’t assume! With that said there is something about someone disrespecting your house! You respond differently, more swiftly and with intent to hurt!
    Maybe your too young seeing you grew up watching “girlfriends” to understand! No disrespect meant! I grew up watching Florida Evans, Debbie and Felicia Allen and compared to them the sisters on Girlfiend were the beginning of ratchet! IJS

  23. Very well written article. However, I am a member of Greek Sorority, I am appalled about ALL REALITY SHOWS that depict ALL women in a negative light… ALL! So my outrage is not a form of elitism.

  24. If you hate Sorority Sisters, but watch Scandal, Girlfriends, or any reality tv then you are hypocritical in the least and stupid in the most.

  25. I hear what you are saying, however on the flip side of things, why would you pick that side of things to show on TV? As you said we have enough of that as it is, why not show what each sorority really stand for? For once may we have a show that show our young children something different? You wonder why white American continue to treat us the way they do and then we try to expect something different like respect. We always set ourselves up then have the nerve to get upset when things go wrong, it’s left up to us to set the standard for our children not white American, what was shown the other night was so disrespectful to our for mothers who walked the walk for us, we all know nothing is perfect but Damn really this is all you have to show our baby girls? I for one was so ashamed and disappointed because I know better and I know they stand for so much more but it’s left up to all of us to teach our children how to act, don’t talk about them when they see you doing wrong. If you’re not going to be part of the solution then please don’t be part of the problem. ….they see us all

  26. Yes… I’m mad. Yes I was mad when reality shows first aired and even more angry now! Read enough comments. Action! Take this show and all other shows off the air. Please and thank you! Enough already!

  27. Yes sista yes! You said everything I wanted to say, as a member of a BGLO myself. I hate everything that those other ratchet reality shows do to belittle our community. Everyone ready to sign a petition yet everyone gave it the 1st show ratings that it needed by watching it. I won’t give it the time of day. Thanks for writing the blog I had no time to do myself.

  28. “But when it hits even closer to home I will do what’s necessary to protect the history and legacy of my organization.”

    That’s what is hypocritical about D9 people and their complaints about this show. Because it affects you, now you’re angry.

    I’m actually glad this show came on because it is allowing these self-congratulatory “greeks” to exhibit their vainglorious opinions of themselves. So many (not all) love their letters so much that they forget that the reason they joined was to avoid being the nobodies they were beforehand.

    It’s hard to fathom this making educated black people so angry that they take to calls for shutting a show down in this fashion, but cannot seem to galvanize as quickly to any of the many far, far more important issues affecting black folk in this country.

    It’s as if infant mortality in places like Detroit and Philadelphia are perfectly acceptable, but a show with “ratchet” women who could quite easily be your family members simply cannot be stood for.

    God, you people make me sick.


    A D9 member with nearly 25 years under his belt, and knows what he’s talking about.

  29. Go ahead…be as ratchet as you can be… Who cares?
    No protesting for Blacks while wearing Greek letters…
    That says it all. That tells us who and what you’re all mamade of…The spirit of your rapist racist great grand
    father is strong within you.

  30. While Sorority Sisters may be a reality show seen and followed after a number of other reality shows spotlighting Black men and women, yes I do take offense to the foolishness displayed while representing my organization and not so much while watching the others. Why? Because my Greek Organizarion has a long and rich history that was founded by women who promote sisterhood, scholarship and service. Who expect that me as a member of the organization they founded and worked so hard to build know how to act (in and out of the spotlight) when representing them. What history or foundation do the ATL Housewives and folks on Love & Hip Hop have, stand for, or represent? NONE! While they may represent us as black people, there’s no legacy of any importance they represent. There’s no nothing in the world they are doing to uplift and/or encourage. My organization does! So yes I take offense to the foolishness displayed while reppin my organization. There will be fools is EVERY group/organization/family! But when it matters, we ought not be cool with their foolishness being spotlighted.

  31. Personally, I don’t watch, know anything about, nor have had a conversation with anyone about the other shows mentioned in the writer’s article. I am not a VH1 viewer. I saw a review of this particular show, prior to its airing, which made me take notice. Since the writer brought it up, I am curious however as to whether any of the actresses in the show are actually Greek affiliated. I stand firm on my statement that this show is not representative of the standards of the sorority of which I am a member. I think it makes a mockery of the founding principles of service and sisterhood upon which all sororities of the Divine Nine were founded. I believe in us, as Sorors, holding each other accountable for any action that brings negativity the the group as a whole. We ARE our sisters keepers.

  32. Since when do Black Greek Organization members consider themselves better than other black people. That’s like saying educated black people think they’re better than non-educated black people.

  33. Yes Soror this article responds perfectly. I agree that African American women are often misrepresented. This is why men expect certain things and try to disrespect us. Society today is built on reputation and unfortunately the reputation of the “black woman” is not all that great.

  34. I do not watch any of the reality shows that the author referenced in the article and never will. All of the shows denigrate women no matter their socio economic status. We as a people should not view these shows. It is nit entertaining to watch women and men of color air their dirty laundry for money.

  35. OPPORTUNISTIC ARTICLE WITH NO, ABSOLUTELY NO SUBSTANCE. Where have you been TIERRA CLEMMONS? There have been many request for boycotts and outcries for these types of shows that depict African American women in ugly stereotypes. Ask Shaunie O’Neal….

  36. As a member of the divine 9, I believe that this author clearly has some self esteem issues because no one that I know in a sorority thinks they are better than people who are non-greek. Your statement is what further divides the black community. It’s irresponsible and ignorance at its best. The ability to be outraged about one show does not prohibited one from being outraged about other shows. This movement will hopefully start meaningful conversation about the state of minority women on television that will prompt a change and for that I am proud of the women of the divine 9.

  37. Why should Greek organizations be slammed for being outraged by something that paints them in a negative light? It’s only logical that any organization be outraged by something that negatively impacts that organization. That’s like saying if you are against sin then you should be outraged by each and every sin you encounter. That’s just not realistic! I’m sure Greek organizations don’t like ratchet behavior of any kind if you were to ask them. There’s a difference between people acting on behalf of themselves versus an organization. The show is called Sorority Sisters not Ratchet Women with College Degrees. Therefore they are promoting the fact that they belong their respective sororities! Because of that those Sororities have a right to approve and disapprove thus controlling the image of their brand. C’mon now!

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