Sadie Daily:: Stop Fronting On Instagram


Have you logged into Instagram and immediately got confused by how many stylists, personal chefs, fitness gurus, models, and spiritual life coaches suddenly existed in your circle? Or how about the one so called ‘happy couple’ you know have issues and are barely speaking but continuing to post ‘I’m so in love selfies’. Oh and you can’t forget about the bitter single follower who disses any aspect of love. Or what about the ‘wannabe baller’ posting about how they are getting money with no means of an income or bank account?

I’ve come to realize that we currently live a world that is all about impressing others no matter how much of the reality has to be stretched. Let’s be honest. 10k followers on Instagram isn’t going to help you. We pretend to be one way for social media just for some likes and followers. It sounds silly huh? Well imagine how silly it was ten years ago, way before we even thought about Instagram. Back then, it was hard to live a double life.


Who knows how long before the urge to get on social media creeps up again? How often do you actually pick up the phone and call someone or talk to people in person? Can you hang with your friends and have a good time without having to be on your phone the entire time? Can we enjoy someone’s company without just sitting on the phone staring at the screen?

I feel our generation has lost the ‘get to know you’ communication stream of in person interaction. Now it’s ‘lets see how much I can know about you from your Instagram page’. We don’t want to talk about subjects that matter and have actions rendered. We only want to take pictures to look like we are helping others. We can’t carry a conversation and speak intelligently about politics or social injustice in person. We can’t execute actions. We only settle to front by posting a picture.

Facebook Instagram_admi

Everyone is giving advice, being nosy, and just doing whatever it takes to gain followers and likes, but for what? You professing your love to someone online means you love them a lot to people today, rather than showing them in person.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love how Instagram keeps people in the know about movements. But I hate how people fall victim to living through Instagram and forgetting to live in life. Can you enjoy a trip, or a day without having to convince the world you are truly living it? When you do it for the Gram you do it for attention of others. You are, in a sense, ‘catfishing’ yourself. Please stop doing it for the Gram and actually do it!!!

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