“Cue The Rant!”:: Bill Cosby, Ted Cruz, Ferguson, Eric Garner


Hey folks, did you miss me? I’ve been out busy working and I haven’t been posting like I want to or should. But don’t think it’s because there hasn’t been anything that inspired me to rant. Trust me, things and people in the world have and probably always will continue to piss me off daily. So this week instead of ranting about one subject, I’m going to play catch up and rant about all the things I’ve seen in the past few weeks that have pissed me off. So without further ado

“Cue The Rant!”

First, lets tackle the recent developments in Ferguson. Of course the grand jury decision didn’t come to me as a surprise as they had basically been preparing us all week for the news in hopes we would take it better, but that doesn’t make it any easier to swallow. The fact that everyone, from the St. Louis Rams, to the leadership in Missouri, to most of the folks in the media that kept trying to calm the black community down really pissed me off. It was extremely patronizing and condescending. They were talking to us and urging for peace as if we were upset toddlers. As if we had no right to be angry at another injustice that was about to take place.


First of all, no one has a right, especially people outside of our race can tell us how we should feel. And to the people in our race who were just as patronizing as the others, you are the worst of all. Study and research why there’s no such thing as black on black crime and look at the numbers when it comes to police shootings and black teenagers. While it may not be particularly productive to act out of rage and burn the city down, I must say, I certainly understand. I don’t condone, but I also don’t condemn. Because it makes me want to tear some stuff up too. How many times does this have to happen? Time after time blatant injustice is done to our face and then the system tells us to calm down as if we should just shut up and take it like it’s not wrong. It might not be right, but I understand.

Now on to this Bill Cosby situation.

While the court of public opinion has already convicted Bill Cosby of rape, I must admit that while it’s not fair, it’s probably true. If you haven’t heard, Bill Cosby has been having the worst month ever as accusations have been pouring in about him raping and sexually assaulting at least a dozen of women.

Bill Cosby

Look, with Bill Cosby’s squeaky clean image around the country and world, It definitely makes sense as to why all of these women would come forward now and so close to one another. Let’s be real. Who would believe Bill Cosby, America’s favorite sitcom dad and creator of Fat Albert, would sexually assault all of these women? It’s not like he was some sort of badass. He was Bill Cosby! There’s even tape of his old standup where he fantasizes about drugging and sexually assaulting women. All of their stories are eerily similar and what would they have to gain from this now? And he’s even paid off a few girls in the past for bringing up these allegations as well.

But what pisses me off about the situation is the amount of people who don’t want to believe these accusations with no particular reason other than they can’t imagine Bill Cosby doing that. And that is the reason why he thinks and has been able to get away with that behavior. And it’s particularly disturbing to see women blindly defend him. I understand men but ladies? Come on.

And now on to Ted Cruz’s crooked ass.


This is the guy you voted for in Texas as your senator so you have to deal with him. To much of the chagrin to almost everyone, Ted Cruz rises as a voice against net neutrality. He basically backs big cable corporations dreams of wanting to charge more for certain speeds and sites. This goes again all the basic principles of the Republican party including free enterprise and everyone having a chance to be on a level playing field and working hard to pull yourself up in this country. This also goes against what his base wants as well. Net neutrality crosses party lines and has support from almost anyone. Ted Cruz basically throws his constituents, the people that voted him into office, the middle finger and tells them they don’t understand net neutrality. He insults their intelligence by comparing it to Obamacare and really thinks he can get away with it.

And you know what? He probably will. Because there’s a problem with the length of U.S. Senator’s terms. Six years is way too long. People won’t even remember this down the road when it’s times to vote again. And by that time most people won’t voted anyway. Ted Cruz is smart and he knows this. That’s why he does this and gets away with it. I hope they 47,000 dollars Comcast paid you was worth it sir. See Texas Republicans? That’s YOUR boy.

And this Eric Garner situation is particularly disheartening. You can’t help but to feel helpless when there’s video evidence and there still isn’t an indictment. Look, it’s not like we want this guy to die and rot in jail the rest of this life. He doesn’t even have to be indicted for murder. We’d just like to see an indictment in general. How can you sit there and say that what we witnessed on the videotape isn’t even reckless homicide or reckless endangerment?! Somebody dies because of a police officers actions and there are literally no consequences. None.


And now there are some that have the audacity to complain that now with all this outcry and uproar that now this scares police officers and is going to affect how they do their jobs and how they interact with black people.

Here’s the thing. It should!! This is not a problem! This is a good thing! I’m glad these incidents are bringing this kind of thing to light and making us have this conversation. These incidents should make every police officer aware and cognizant of how they conduct themselves around people of color. These incidents should make all law enforcement officers examine their biases and make them be more careful that they don’t become the next George Zimmerman or Darren Wilson.

That’s it for today. I’m still fired up. I’ll save the Sir Charles for tomorrow.

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