The Daily Takedown:: John Legend Owns Piers Morgan Over The N Word


Have you seen this yet? Piers Morgan recently wrote a piece in the DailyMail about his thoughts about the N-word and obliterating it. Here’s what he said:

Yet far from receding in society, it’s spreading; out of the once clearly defined confines of private usage in the black community, into the public hallways of every school in America.

This has to be wrong, doesn’t it?

Better, surely, to have it expunged completely. Eradicated, obliterated, tied to a literary post and whipped into such brutal submission that it never rears its vicious head again.

John Legend didn’t let him make it. Check it out:

  John Legend then proceeds to drag Piers.  

Look, here’s the thing. John Legend counters Piers point perfectly. When it comes to the N-word, I feel like many people including white but especially black people miss the real issue. The real issue is institutional and systemic racism. Starting causes to combat things like the N-word is useless, pointless and wasteful. That’s not going to fix or even help in that matter what is in this country’s root.

The beauty and character of black people in this country is characterized with the N word. After all we’ve been through and how ugly and demented that word was and how it made us feel as a people, for us to take that word and flip it to a term of endearment I think characterizes and shows the strength of black people to make life and situations better no matter how hard or unfair it gets for us as a people. It’s really a sort of microcosm of us as a people. Kudos John, way to educate him.

One response to “The Daily Takedown:: John Legend Owns Piers Morgan Over The N Word

  1. Their logic: If you want to end racism, stop sagging your pants, having children out of wedlock and saying the N-word.

    Reality: Racism existed long before pants were sagged, the rise of marriage-less homes and before Black people used the N-word.

    Their logic: But you have to start somewhere, right? Why not begin by ending your usage of the N-word?

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