“I’m Just Saying..”:: Why Are More Millennials Getting Married Later?


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage!

I’m sure you have heard that nursery rhyme at least once during childhood. That is the way life works right? We grow up, we meet someone, we fall in love, and we get married. But it seems that more millennials are deciding to forego marriage and even dismiss it altogether. The average age for marriage in the past generation was between 22-27 years old. Our generation is getting married much later than the last if we even “believe” in marriage. Why are we waiting to get married so late in life?


A few reasons came to mind:

The divorce rate among our parents? Shacking? Cuffing Season? Fear of the unknown? The disregard for monogamy?

All of those reasons may be a are a factor in our new society. But I think millenials just are simply waiting for the “right time”. Do the responses “I don’t want to get married until I reach this height in my career” or “when I graduate with my Ph.D., or when I pay off my student loan debt, or when I move to this new city” sound familiar? Our 20s are filled with many unknowns, twists and turns. And sometimes those changes are easier to handle when you only have yourself to consider in your decision making. We see marriage as an additional responsibility, a hassle or a burden if you will. And that’s the issue. A marriage is more than twice the amount of school debt, twice the amount of groceries to buy, twice amount of laundry to do. Yes marriage is hard work. But it’s an intimate committed relationship. It’s a partnership. It’s companionship.


Too many of us want to build to perfect our own lives before we allow someone else in ours. Perfection isn’t real. Rough times are apart of life. And if you have someone who is willing to endure the rough times you are truly blessed.

As the Egyptian Proverb says “A beautiful thing is never perfect.

“I’m Just Saying..”

2 responses to ““I’m Just Saying..”:: Why Are More Millennials Getting Married Later?

  1. You are so on point. I loved reading this article. I’m 24 and engaged. My wedding is three weeks after I turn 25. My fiancé is 26 and will be 27 when we get married.

    I still don’t have a lot figured out about what I want from life and I don’t have a five year plan. But I do know that after my marriage begins, I will always have a partner to help me and support me no matter where life takes us. We still have growing to do, but we are choosing to grow together as husband and wife. I can’t think of any advantages waiting would bring us.

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