“Cue The Vote!”:: Thad Cochran vs Travis Childers

thadtravie The FACTS:

The big race in MS is of course this Senate race between Thad Cochran and Travis Childers. It’s not because it necessarily means any more to the state or because it’s more important but really its because of the stature of Thad Cochran and the Republican primary he had again Chris McDaniel’s earlier in the year.

Thad Cochran won a hard fought primary against Tea Party champion Chris McDaniel with the help of a few districts in the Hinds County area. Before he was half hearted coerced into running by his Republican party to quell off the Tea Party rising in the state, there was initial talk that he might have been growing tired of serving and was becoming disillusioned and wanted to retire.

Alas, he stayed on board much to the chagrin of Jerry Moran, the Senate Republicans’ campaign arm chairman.



Enter Travis Childers, a former U.S. Representative, who was watching all of the fighting and looking to capitalize. While many people said that he had a better chance of defeating Chris McDaniel than Thad Cochran, a lot of people realized they didn’t want to take the risk of Chris McDaniel actually getting in office so many fought in the minority community to get Cochran elected.

I really don’t think Travis Childers has much of a chance against Thad strictly because of funds and name recognition. There’s a campaign to get out the black vote for Thad once again after they helped get him elected. And I must say I don’t like it.

And I must say; the debate about why black people don’t vote Republican is one of the most hotly debated non-issues in America. We know why we don’t vote Republican and they know why we don’t vote Republican. All these other made up reasons and discussions about why we don’t is complete and utter BS.

Who are you voting for in the coming election? Which one of these candidates best supports your views? Let your vote answer that question!

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