“Cue The Vote!”:: Steven Palazzo

rollcallpix065348The FACTS:

Steven Palazzo is the representative of the 4th Congressional District of Mississippi. He’s the most recently elected and youngest representative of the state. He was elected in 2011 and was formerly an accountant and military veteran.

Palazzo is described as a very rank and file Republican by Govtrack.us. He usually sticks to the tune his party is playing.

He recently came under fire in his own party for voting against Hurricane Sandy relief. This is especially unnerving to some because most of the constituents he represents are from the coast of Mississippi. That’s where his home is too.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.43.55 AM


After researching this guy I’ve found out he’s more than just rank and file. His voting record seems to mimic those of a Tea Party supporter. They usually favor less government no matter the cost even if it is against their best constituents interests. That just sounds so counter intuitive to me and I definitely can’t support that. He’s for funding the military and oil company subsidies with little or no questions. Sounds like to me he’s got the backs of those who fund him more than those who voted for him. There’s even a website devoted to unseating Palazzo.

He is running against Libertarian Joey Robertson (who is responsible for the Fire Palazzo site) and Matt Moore, a Democrat who ran and lost to Palazzo back in 2012. Palazzo seems like a young conservative with old school views, looking to become a career politician because of the old Republican traditions he supports. Does Palazzo represent you South Mississippi?! Let your vote answer that question!

Check out this new voter tool to find info on voting information and polling locations! Elections are right around the corner!

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