“Cue The Vote!”:: Alan Nunnelee



Alan Nunnelee is the representative of Mississippi’s first district. He’s a Republican and a part of the house appropriations committee.

He was once an insurance company owner and later was a Mississippi Senator. Now he is a representative of the first district and has been since 2010.

He’s described as “a lonely far right Republican follower” by Govtrack.us based off his bill sponsorship and the way he votes in Congress.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 1.33.15 PMBack in June, Nunnelee had brain surgery to remove a mass on the side of his brain. During the surgery he suffered a stroke. He is said to be recovering in his Mississippi home.

Nunnelee says the surgery and treatment have separated him from people and places he loves in his home state. He says his medical team tells him he has made significant progress and can go home to continue his stroke rehabilitation.

He has said the stroke caused speech and mobility problems. He still is running for office.

His opponents in November are Democrat Ron Dickey, Libertarian Danny Bedwell, and the Reform Party’s Lajena Walley.

Democrat Ron Dickey was his biggest adversary until he came under fire about exaggerating his military record.


From my research, It seems to me that he was a lame duck Congressman. He voted far right and took no positions of leadership in congress. And since he has had recent major health issues I definitely can’t see why anyone would vote for him back in. I don’t even understand why he would continue to run. Mississippi’s 1st District, is this what you want to send to Washington to represent you. Do you guys hold the same values and beliefs? And is he looking our for your best interests? It doesn’t look like he has sufficient competition to even be challenged even with such debilitating health concerns. Let your VOTE answer those questions!ctvlogo

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