“Cue The Vote!”:: What, Who And Why?


Welcome to the first in a series of articles in which we’ll be discussing what’s going on November 4th, who is running, what they stand for and why you should vote. Let’s get started!

To really explain what’s going on and who’s running, we have to have a social studies lesson to refresh our memories.


-What’s going on? What are we voting for?

In the middle of the President’s term, America has midterm elections. In this election, all of our representatives are up for reelection. And it also just so happens that one of our Senators is up for reelection too.

Every state in the U.S. has 2 Senators that represent the whole state. All these Senators make up the Senate, the legislative body that goes to Washington and works with the House of Representatives. Both the House and Senate combine to form Congress.

-Now who are our representatives and how many do we have? Who are we voting for?

How many representatives we have is based on population. For instance, California has about 40 million people. That’s a lot of people. So they have about 53 representatives that go to Congress to represent the state.

Mississippi has about 3 million people here. So we only have 4 representatives. And each one represents the people in their district. Here are the districts:


Our representatives are Alan Nunnelee (District 1), Bennie Thompson (District 2), Gregg Harper (District 3) and Steve Palazzo (District 4). These are the four guys who go to Washington and help make up the House of Representatives. They are supposed to (ideally) go to represent you the people in their districts and make and pass laws.

Mississippi’s two Senators are Roger Wicker and Thad Cochran and both are Republican.

Why should I care? Why is it important?

This election, like every Midterm election is important because this helps us pass laws that help this country run and help the people. As you’ve probably been seeing, a lot hasn’t be able to get done. We have what is widely considered the most unproductive Congress in history. Yet almost all of the people are running will be reelected. Why is that?

Because a lot of them take advantage of the fact that people aren’t paying attention and don’t know. And that’s what “Cue The Vote!” is trying to combat. We are going to be giving you information like you’ve read above along with stat sheets of everyone who is running and who’s running against them so you can make an informed decision.

In general and midterm elections, the popular vote is what’s most important. So we have the power to directly elect our representatives unlike in presidential elections when it’s based on the electoral college. This is way more important than the presidential election because these people represent us and make laws. And we also directly elect them.

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