The Top 5 Timeline:: Break Dance Convo, Family Gatherings, & More

top5timelinesBKGRDHey loves! Welcome back to a brand new timeline! Let’s laugh shall we?

1. Break dance conversation

Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon have a conversation via break dancing. Apparently these guys have skills. I want Jimmy Fallon’s job.

2. Family gatherings

The holidays are coming up. I have a love hate relationship with them. Here’s why.

tumblr_ndi0lyCLYb1r0sckvo1_5003. When your homeboy brings a friend who’s not hot

I’ve seen this happen and it’s almost always hilarious.

4. Dancing to your favorite song

This is me everyday dancing to Bey

5. When someone asks you for gum

This is why I never say when I have gum

Okay loves, thanks so much for checking out my timeline! Don’t forget to laugh with me on days other than Monday you have to follow me on Twitter @IvyRed!

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