“Cue The Rant!”:: [Poll] Ladies, Have You Gone On A Date For The Free Meal?


In the world of dating, men and women sometimes engage in games. Sometimes we aren’t totally honest when it comes to certain situations while dating. This is most common with guys dating women. A lot of the time women have to decipher and evaluate a man’s true intentions because, let’s face it, all guys intentions aren’t good. Sometimes they could be dating you for just for the opportunity to hook up and nothing more. And unfortunately this is quite common. It’s also come to my attention that some women aren’t totally honest when it comes to dating as well. A friend of mine recently found out that a girl he dated a few times was only going out with him for the free meal.


“Cue The Rant!”

Couple enjoying dinner

Now while some of you might think that this maybe a measure of revenge or way to get back at guys in general, let’s really look at the situation. Are you really dating a guy for a free meal? How petty is that?

While we can all agree that guys dating women just for the sex is one of the top sleaziest and low down things a man could possibly do, at least it kind of makes sense. Men covet sex. Sex is of the upmost value to men. This doesn’t vindicate a man who lies to get it but it makes sense as to why a guy would lie. Sex is one of if not the most important things to a guy. We will endure boring or bad dates with women we don’t like or can’t stand, spend money and valuable time to achieve that goal. And it’s sad.

But what’s sadder is the fact that women will spend the same amount of time around guys they don’t like, can’t stand or care for all for about a $20 meal. Really?! Is that really worth it?


Now I’m well aware that everyone doesn’t do this. I’m just wondering about the women who do.

But hey, if 2-3 hours on a date with someone you don’t like is worth a free meal, by all means do you ladies. But I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand. Because I found no info on this, I want to know ladies; how often does this happen?

Have you ever dated a guy just for the meal or the experience and knew you had no intentions of even attempting to figure out if there was something there? Don’t let my rant above discourage you. Be honest!

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles on this beautiful fall Friday!

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