Sadie Daily:: Be Proud Of MS For More Than Just Football


Because I’m from Mississippi, I’ve gotten used to getting asked a lot of dumb questions by outsiders. They range from “do you all wear shoes?” to “do you guys have paved roads?” There is usually so much negativity from people that are from here that I understand why people might look over us whenever we have anything going on here worth mentioning. I’ve always noticed that people say there is a lack in opportunity and growth in MS (I’m guilty of this on occasions) but I feel that that’s not an excuse to not work harder. You have to do that to get anywhere. Back in July during the Freedom Summer 50th celebration, one of the speakers said it best. “MS is the forgotten state.” We made so many strides and created so much change here. We helped to shape and build the country during the civil rights era that we some how lost that momentum and landed on the bottom of everything.


People complain about the crime and about how there is nothing to do here, and that there is nothing here (yet are still living in MS). Well what are you doing to change that perception? What initiatives are you planning? What funding are you helping to bring to develop this state to make it as great as it can be? I’ll wait. If we can’t respect our state nobody else will. We have the power to change and move the culture, and that is definitely what has occurred in the past few weeks.

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With football season excitement filling the air, this is a perfect time for MS to claim the top number one spot. No, this is not going to be for poverty or crime as surveys usually rank us. This time it is for having not just one but two undefeated teams ranked nationally. Yes, this is a time to be proud to be from MS. This is giving people something to talk about that wonder why we get looked over time and time again. We have so much to offer, and just not only on an athletic plateau.

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This is the first time in history that two MS teams are in the top 5 national poll. Ever. And the fact that Mississippi State is number one is even bigger. They went from being not ranked to number one and that has made me a very proud alumni.

We have a great offering of southern hospitality, some of the best cooking you will ever find, and the nicest and most genuine people you will ever meet. Be proud to be from Mississippi. Embrace your southern drawl and the traditions that are passed down

We have some of the most intelligent, and underrated talent across the board, yet we have always been the state that has been over looked. But the one thing about the underdog is that we can always turn the tables and surprise our doubters. We are number one my fellow Mississippians. Relish in this moment and don’t forget.


3 responses to “Sadie Daily:: Be Proud Of MS For More Than Just Football

  1. Great. You made a lot of valid points. In America a lot is evolved around sports and entertainment. This means for Mississippi as you said should take advantage of this exposure of Ole Piss and MSU’s success. We need to be motivated for more things here outside of football

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