Liberty Belle:: Education Funding Makes The Ballot


I believe that one of the most important issues in recent times has been the education ballot initiative that Better Schools, Better Jobs has been pushing. They just reached a milestone as they have collected well over the 110,000 signatures required to put this initiative on the ballot in next November’s election.

Just in case you don’t know what the initiative is and what they are trying to accomplish, Mississippi’s registered voters have the power to put an important issue to a vote – that’s called a ballot initiative. The Better Schools Better Jobs initiative will allow voters to decide if they want their schools better funded so that our children are better prepared for good jobs. The ballot initiative will make public education a state priority. 


Photo: Clarion Ledger

Better Schools, Better Jobs is pushing to fully fund education according to the Mississippi Adequate Education Program guidelines (MAEP). The ballot has enough signatures to make it on the election ballot next year so people can vote whether or not they’d like to make it a constitutional right that every child be afforded the opportunity at an adequate and fully funded education.

This initiative won’t raise taxes and it should be appealing to people across political party lines.

Our very own Amber Thomas worked very closely with and for Better Schools, Better Jobs on the issue of adequate education funding. We are proud of her and the entire organization for achieving this momumental milestone and we know they will accomplish their ultimate goal of having adequate education for all of Mississippi’s children to create productive and amazing citizens and to help foster the growth to make Mississippi a better place.

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