“In The Queue”:: The Truth About Crime In Jackson


Welcome to a new edition of “In The Queue” with Jackqualine Barnes. In this episode Jackqualine takes an in-depth look at crime in the city of Jackson. Is crime really as bad as it’s portrayed by the media? And why does it exist here in Jackson? Find out below!

2 responses to ““In The Queue”:: The Truth About Crime In Jackson

  1. You shouldn’t have to try to justify the city of Jackson by comparing it to other cities who have high violent crimes rate. Just because Jackson is not in the top percentile does not mean the crime rate is low. The problem I have with this episode is it tries to make it seem like Jackson, MS is safe. Go out and ask the residents of Jackson do they feel safe, I’m sure an overwhelming majority do not feel safe. Even if the ‘media’ portrays the city in a negative light it’s hard to say it’s not deserved. White people are not packing there bags moving to Madison because the city seems bad, the city is bad. When you turn on the news and you see the violent crimes being reported, yes your perception of the city can be negative. But sometimes the perception is a reality. It’s not like the media is lying or making up bogus stories. They are simply reporting what’s actually happening. However, I do like this episode it’s very organized and very well put together. The questions are asked thoroughly and clear and it’s interesting to watch. Keep up the good work.

    • By comparing Jackson to similarily sized and populated cities like Little Rock and Baton Rouge you get a good idea of the crime rate. You won’t know it’s high or low unless compared. Jackson is by in large safe city. Perceptions are not reality as we showed in the video. And you are right, the media isn’t lying or making up stories. But what they do is called sensationalism, shining light on a few problems and because of their big voice and far reaching influence, the simple crime reports turn into something more. A lot (not all residents) were leaving the city because they had racial biases. This, along with the crack epidemic around the country in the late 80’s and 90’s helped create the Jackson you see today. And even so, crime still isn’t as bad as it’s portrayed in the media or as bad as people think it is. But thank you for you compliments and comments sir, they are greatly appreciated! Keep coming back for stories like these and many others!

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