“Cue The Rant!”:: That One Guy Thing That Girls Don’t Understand


If you can’t tell by now, a lot of things piss me off. I’m guaranteed to find at least a minimum of 5 things a day that upset me.  That’s why I’m thankful I have this blog to vent and I’m glad that you guys find it somewhat entertaining. One of the most prolific sources of things that piss me off come from status updates on social media with people saying and asking stupid questions.

“Cue The Rant!”

Here’s a question I saw on Facebook that really grinded my gears in reference to the Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose split, “Oh my God, how could he cheat on her, she’s so perfect and so fine! Why would you mess that up?


That’s a question only a woman would ask because well, she’s a woman. And as a woman, she doesn’t understand a male’s way of thinking no matter how many guy friends or brothers she has.

I’m going to give you a little insight into the mind of a man. So pay attention, remember this whenever you can’t understand why a guy does what he does. First, ask yourself this question. What’s better than the best in the world? What’s better than the best woman in the world, with the best job, personality, characteristics, best sex, best everything. What’s better than the best?

I know the ladies are dumbfounded by the question. Even some of the guys are too but some know exactly what I’m talking about.

So what’s the answer the the question of what’s better than the best? The answer is something new.

This is basically what drives males from puberty until they make a conscious decision to grow up and actually be men. And as you might know, when that actually happens to a guy is purely subjective.

I don’t know how it works for women so I can only comment on something I’ve observed. And I’m definitely not generalizing all women because they aren’t the same but for the most part once a mature woman has what she feels she deserves and is the best then usually she is content. She’s not looking or acknowledging anything other than what she has.


The same can’t be said for men who haven’t matured and really grown into men. And we all know it takes us longer to catch up with ladies on maturing and growing. A male becomes a man when he starts thinking about the consequences of his actions and starts taking others feelings into consideration. And I know it seems weird and foreign to you ladies but this is something we struggle with. Getting over those urges of wanting something new. But this is also a good thing because it serves as our barometer of who you are in our lives. When we want to do better and start thinking about your feelings then that means you are important to us.

The true testament of a man and his character is how he handles himself in precarious situations and the decisions he makes. Both men and women are defined by the choices they make. They tell us what you value and who you are as a person. And not just one decision defines you. Look at the overall track record. Look at your actions and the multiple decisions you’ve made. That is the person you are.

So stop trying to understand a man using your logic ladies. We think and do a lot of things in totally different ways. But it all comes back into one goal.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

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