Sadie Daily:: These Eyebrows Are Getting Out Of Control

Because of the popularity of social media, make-up mixed with likes from strangers and the upcoming cuffing season has the thirst for attention at an all time high. Now I’m not one to wear make up often and when I do it’s a modest amount. But some women today don’t seem to understand the concept of modesty and have taken contouring way too far. Will the madness ever end?
No shade, but some of you guys look like fairy tale characters on my timeline. As a photographer, I know and talk to a lot of make-up professionals in the industry. Many of them tell me that everyone has a unique face and features that differ. So certain looks are not for every face. Contouring and brow work isn’t a one size fits all technique! Just because one person can pull off a look does not mean you can! Linda, honey listen! Don’t let these people on Instagram make you look like a clown!
The eye brows with the box shape and lines showing must stop! I swear every Instagram ‘model’ has that look! I understand it is a trend but it doesn’t work for everyone! Find out what works for you as an individual!
I know that some of you guys will agree with me and some will be offended. And I’m not saying do not wear make up. Make up is suppose to enhance your beauty, not make you look scary. Halloween is coming up and that should be the only exception to over the top make up exposures.
We can see your line of your eyebrows and its not blending, but that’s none of my business. Remember friends don’t let friends draw drunk.
This has been your Sadie Daily Dose of Reality! Check back another Wednesday!

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