“Cue The Rant!”:: Determine Real Accomplishments Before Celebrating

finalig2I might have already touched on this subject in a past rant but recently I’ve seen evidence of this again and it’s caused me to get mad all over again. You and I see it all the time. People celebrating and throwing parties. You get on social media and people are congratulating them on their ‘accomplishments’. So what are they celebrating and throwing events for?

“Cue The Rant!”

Nothing. Not a damn thing. And that pisses me off. Over the past few months I’ve watched people and organizations throw events and parties to celebrate things I wouldn’t even think to consider an accomplishment. I’ve seen so many celebratory events for stuff that hasn’t had a significant barring on anything. So you threw your first fashion show. You had some other successful event. So you throw a party to celebrate? What are you celebrating? The fact that you spent money to throw an event?

That’s nothing to celebrate. In this age of social media people are in constant search of validation. They are constantly looking for reasons and things to show off so much so that I’ve been noticing that they will make anything into an ‘accomplishment’. And they get away with it because people that follow them on social media tell them it is. Please don’t be one of those people. You are enabling mediocrity.


Throwing a party is not an accomplishment. Putting on a fashion show is not an accomplishment. Throwing a party because you threw a successful event is one of the stupidest things we do as people.

Let me give you a hint. If you didn’t make any money, change any lives or make a significant difference to the people of the community around you (the key word is significant) then it’s probably not an accomplishment. There’s too many celebrations for things that are no where near accomplishments. People’s expectations have to be higher. Is it too much to ask for people to actually achieve something before celebrating?

That’s it for this week. Here’s something you can celebrate. It’s Friday. Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

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