The Top 5 Timeline:: NFL Mean Tweets, Getting To Heaven, & More


Hey loves! I’m back with a new Top 5 Timeline! Let’s laugh shall we?!

1. NFL mean tweets

Mean tweets have become something like a tradition on Jimmy Kimmel. The same can be said for us here! In honor of the NFL season kicking off!

2. Answering to God

You all will have to answer to your sins sooner or later

tumblr_nb8igcKNX91rszdl4o1_5003. All choked up

This might be the funniest, nastiest and weirdest vine I’ve seen all at the same time.

4. 50’s new reading challenge

50’s picking on someone new. And some might say he deserves it.

photo(6)5. She got it bad remix

Reminds me of a young me.

Okay thanks for checking out our timeline! Remember to contact us if you see something funny on the internet and you can follow me on Twitter @IvyRed to laugh on days other than Monday!

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