The Top 5 Timeline:: Beyoncé’s Divine Outfit, Tay Eats Booty, & More


Hey loves! I’m back with a new Timeline! Let’s laugh shall we?

1. Beyoncé’s outfit

I been telling ya’ll Queen Bey is something like Jesus

tumblr_navr32P6sf1qfm9wwo1_5002. If you not talking snacks I don’t want to talk

This is one of the cutest vines I’ve seen in a while. This is me as an adult.

3. I need my sleep

This is me. I at least need my 10 hours.

tumblr_mzz80kyNsU1qj09eqo1_250 tumblr_mzz80kyNsU1qj09eqo2_2504. Differences on how men and women prepare for college

Society is messed up but you have to be able to laugh!

tumblr_n67uotYO5w1saaxa9o1_5005. Tay eats booty

Here is part 4 of “The Six” series by Dormtainment for All Def Digital. The guys try to talk Tay into eating booty. Eat the booty Tay!

Okay loves thanks for checking out my timeline! Follow me on Twitter @IvyRed to laugh with me on days other than Monday! Happy Labor Day! Kisses!

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