“Cue The Rant!”:: Why Social Media Activism Is Enough


So if you haven’t noticed, the ice bucket challenge has been trending nationwide for weeks with everyone from regular people to celebrities participating. And of course with every trend, there is a group of people who grow to hate it because it becomes a trend. And these guys tend to hate on all trends. From people being hashtag activists to Jordan’s becoming the new fashion shoe, these people grow to despise things that become popular and mainstream. But why be so hateful about things especially when it helps causes and makes a difference?!

“Cue The Rant!”

Social media and hash tag activism is important.


I can’t stand people who don’t like anything that becomes popular. They are so cynical and selfish that it makes them close minded. In this specific instance, this is exactly what makes these social trends ingenious. You want as many people as you can to get involved because that will help raise awareness. People will undoubtedly start asking questions about these trends like the ice bucket challenge. They will want to know what it is and that will introduce them to the cause. The ALS Association earned 8.6 million dollars in one day so to those who would say social media activism is pointless, I would say you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. As of this post, donations for ALS research have topped 41 million dollars and it’s growing.

With the Ferguson case, a white police officer gunned down an unarmed black teenager. That was enough to spark a bit of interest in the country but the reason the big media outlets and more people got involved is because of social media and hashtag activism. I remember sitting down on a Wednesday night on Twitter as my timeline flooded with images of the local people protesting and getting in confrontations with the police. I remember seeing these images of independent journalists covering this growing story and facing blatant violations of their first amendment rights. People broadcasting these events on social media propelled this story to astronomical heights. It propelled so high to a point where even the President of the United States had to comment on it. Most of that had to do with social media!


Do you know what people who hate trends and hate what the ALS ice bucket challenge has become really hate about this whole thing? They really hate that they can’t come up with a good reason to hate the ice bucket challenge. They can’t say money’s not being raised because it is. And most importantly, they can’t say there isn’t more awareness because there clearly is. More people know about ALS than ever before. People who are cynical about this ice bucket challenge trend hate the fact that they can’t hate on this for a substantive reason.

So although it looks like people just support a cause via social media are lazy and conclude that social media activism isn’t going to do anything need to get a clue. Things have changed and we don’t need the media to broadcast or grievances and stories. Thanks to social media we can do it ourselves. And Ferguson is the perfect example of that. Get off your high horse and realize that all those people out there who protest would be doing a lot of it in vain without the social media activists spreading the word and their stories and giving it a platform. It’s just as important as actually protesting or working for a change. Activism is about awareness. And people who use social media even in a casual way by retweeting or sharing helps the cause.

That’s it for this week. Happy Friday! Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles!

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