The Daily Takedown:: How The Internet Is Bringing Down McDonald’s


How many of you still eat at McDonald’s regularly? I would venture to say not many of you. And usually that wouldn’t mean too much because hey, people are still going to eat it anyway right? Well, that’s not true anymore.

McDonald’s, (that’s right, that McDonald’s) is hurting, especially with young people and millennials. They are hurting right now because they have an image problem. And the two big reasons for that are because of them and because of the internet. By now, after countless documentary’s about fast food and McDonald’s in general, people know how unhealthy it is. Our youth has been indoctrinated by modern society to believe that McDonald’s is bad for your health.

And some of it is warranted because McDonald’s isn’t very good for you at all. It’s packed with artificial preservatives, sodium and calories. But so is a lot of the new places that young people are starting to frequent like Chipotle’s and Five Guys.

Couple that with the power of the internet and the open access to information about what it really is in McDonald’s food and a couple of pictures and videos about what happens when you leave it our for a year (nothing happens to year old McDonald at all. Not even mold grows on it) and Mickey D’s is in a hairy situation. According to a report, since 2011, visit’s to McDonald’s for 22-27 year olds drop every year while people those ages visiting fast casual restaurants actually rose. That’s bad news for McDonald’s because that’s the segment of the population that spends the most money at restaurants.


What I found most interesting is why millennials choose places like Five Guys and Chipotle over McDonald’s. It’s all about perception.  The former places are perceived to be healthier than the latter even thought for the most part they really are not. But I also think the fact that the food seems more real in places like Chipotle and Five Guys than in McDonald’s plays a part in it too.

The big point is that one of the largest corporations in America is declining directly because of millennials. We are more conscious of what McDonald’s food does to us and what it is thanks to the internet and we’ve made it a point to move on to other restaurants. It’s just another case of another multi billion dollar corporation succumbing to the power of the internet. In this day and age people are learning on the fly on how to make a business (even the most established) successful in the social media and internet age.

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