The Top 5 Timeline:: Going In On The VMA’s, Dirty Girls, & More


Hey folks! I’m back with a new SUPER SIZED edition of the Top 5 Timeline! Let’s laugh shall we?!

1. The booty is safe with me

If I could sing this is how I would my powers. Everything sounds better being sung well.

2. How to eject yourself from an argument

My new go to move when I’m trapped in a stupid argument.

3. When women sing lyrics to songs and look at you

I swear this is one of my top 2 pet peeves

4. Nasty Girl

Dormtainment with another edition of their “The Six” series for ADD. These guys are genuinely funny. Get them a show!

5. 50 and Floyd go at it

Being illiterate is barely funny but it makes it hilarious when an asshole like Floyd Mayweather is the butt of the joke.

photo6. Hitting it from the back

It’s funny because you know it’s true

photo 3(1)7. Why Drake didn’t go to the VMA’s

While we are on the subject of Nikki’s butt

photo 2(3)8. How CNN spins the news

Did you see how Talib Kweli checked Don Lemon on how CNN distorts facts? We did a lil digging and found another story of them doing the same thing

photo 19. Blue Ivy’s revelation

For the Beyonce stans’ this is hilarious.

photo 4Alright folks that’s all I have this week! For more laughs on day’s other than Monday follow my sister @IvyRed on Twitter. Peace!

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