The Top 5 Timeline:: Madden Season, White People Parenting, & More


Hey loves! Did you miss me? I’m back with a new Top 5 Timeline! It’s been a while since you laughed I know! Let’s go!

1. Why are you locked up?

In light of what’s been going on in the country.. here’s a laugh!


2. White people parenting

Here’s a look into some classic parenting from white people

tumblr_na9qhpD8CY1rf87c4o1_5003. “Latch” covers

Here’s how I feel about all the “Latch” cover songs I’ve been seeing lately.

4. The true meaning of “I guess”

Talib Kweli hit the nail on the head.

tumblr_na2wkhgtLi1r295eoo1_5005. Madden Season

I hate football and video games but I love Dave Franco. And Kevin Hart is cool too.

Thanks for checking out my timeline folks! Remember to laugh with me on days other than Monday by following me on Twitter @IvyRed! Bye loves!

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