The Top 5 Timeline:: Parenting 101, Derrick Rose Jumping & More


Hey folks! While Ivy is away on yet ANOTHER vacation, I’ve taken over her timeline. I know you don’t miss her because I’m better. Let’s laugh shall we?

1. When bae gets mad

I’ve ran into some attitudes in my life time just like this.

2. Parenting 101

I can’t wait to be a parent to my They have to learn those hard lessons.

3. The way men lie to women

My favorite youtuber Kain Carter is back again. You want to know how men lie to women? Here’s your answer.

4. How you look waiting on your food

I swear this is me at any Wendy’s.

photo5. What people do every time Derrick Rose jumps

We were doing this before the Paul George injury but its gonna be a while before we trust DRose’s knees.

Okay folks thanks for checking out the Top 5 Timeline this week! For more laughs follow my sister @IvyRed on Twitter to laugh on days other than Monday! See you later!

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