“Cue The Rant!”:: How Lawmakers Change Something They Hate Indirectly


On Tuesday, a panel of federal judges blocked a Mississippi law that would have shut the sole abortion clinic in the state. It required its doctors to obtain admitting privileges (or permits to practice) at local hospitals, something they had been unable to do. Why have they been unable to get admitting privileges in other hospitals? Because the people who run the hospitals ideology won’t let them because these doctors perform abortions. You see how they did that?

“Cue The Rant!”

What Mississippi legislators have been doing is what basically a lot of GOP legislators around the country have been doing. It’s basically their MO to enact legislation with the purpose to affect something they don’t like indirectly. So basically many the conservatives and legislators in MS and in this country pass slick indirect laws to further their agenda and work around the rules already set forth by the constitution. They also pass slick laws like “religious freedom” bills and Stop and Frisk laws as a more politically correct way to deal with people that are different from them as opposed to coming right out and saying “I don’t want to deal with or interact with gay or black people”


Here’s a few examples on how they’ve done that. Take the controversial Stop and Frisk law that was enacted in New York last year. New York officials passed a law to allow random searches on citizens in an effort to ‘curb crime’. But guess who gets targeted more? You guessed it.

The religious freedom bills like the one we passed here and the one that got Arizona in trouble are nothing but excuses to discriminate against the LGBT community and hide behind religion.

Pull your pants up laws that are in various states are nothing racism veiled in a insignificant and ridiculous law.

Dress codes in casual establishments are nothing but ways to keep certain types of people out of a business (i.e.-black, poor people)

Voter ID laws are nothing but attempts at curbing the minority and poor vote by placing restrictions on the fundamental right to vote. The only other reason to enact this law is to stop voter fraud. We have since proven that doesn’t even exist so why do you think they pushed so hard to get this done.

I wrote a piece on undercover racism about a year ago. It’s still around and has basically moved underground. And this is the way they try to keep their agenda alive right under your nose. Watch out.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

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