“I’m Just Saying..”:: Should She Propose?


I’m pretty sure your social network news feed is beginning to look very similar to mine. Pictures of proposals, relationship status updates, and wedding are beginning to flood my timeline. While many pictures are receiving hundreds of “likes” and praises, one photo in particular seems to have caused a bit of controversy on the internet.


I have seen this same picture posted by many individuals, all captioned with the same questions: “Ladies, would you do this? / Men would you let this happen?” Now, while many of you approve or disapprove, her decision to propose is beside the point. I believe this picture expresses the importance of communication in a relationship; especially concerning marriage.

In the Bible, the book of Malachai defines marriage as “a holy covenant before God.” A covenant is an agreement. In order to agree you have to talk, listen, and compromise. Without proper communication, frustration, confusion and desperation can appear. From there, people tend to take matters into their own hands. It doesn’t matter if a woman or man is proposing, a “no” is still a heartbreaking, awkward, and embarrassing “no”.

If you are dating for a purpose, there should come a point in time in a serious relationship where ALL heavy topics should be discussed, including marriage. We tend to avoid voicing our views about heavy topics or what we want with our significant other because we’re afraid of what the outcome may be. Honestly, you should know whether the person you’re dating even desires marriage in general not just with you, necessarily.

Communication allows vulnerability which is a key component in relationships. It’s a scary, but vital component because it grows trust. This woman trusted her boyfriend enough to be vulnerable and break a “tradition” to propose to him OR she allowed her frustration and desperation to embarrass her. Either way, if communicated properly these conversations can help avoid a potentially awkward heart breaking situation.

So with all of this being said, my views about the picture: to each it’s own…

“I’m Just Saying–“

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