The Top 5 Timeline:: Drake vs Blake, Watching Beyonce With Gay Guys & More


Hey loves! Did you miss me? I’m Ivy and I’m back with a new edition of The Top 5 Timeline fresh off of seeing my boo Bey in New Orleans this weekend! Let’s laugh shall we?

1. Drake vs Blake

Drake hosted the ESPY’s this past week and I think he did an awesome job. He’s naturally funny and doesn’t mind being himself. It also helps he’s a little self deprecating. Check out this skit he did going heads up against Blake Griffin and even (wait for it…) Chris Brown!

2. Watching Beyonce with a gay person

They say you really haven’t seen Beyonce until you’ve seen it with a gay fan.. hilarious!

3. Side chicks

Here’s another Drake video from his stint hosting the ESPY’s. This time he enlists Brian McKnight to sing a song about side chicks. Some people are looking uncomfortable in the audience!

4. More gay guys watch Beyonce

Here’s another just because it’s so funny!

5. Second best

And to cap off this Top 5 Timeline, Drake sings a song to all the second best in the sports world and even throws a little shade to Macklemore.

That’s all I have for you this week folks! Thanks for checking out the timeline! And if you want more funny on days other than Monday, follow me on Twitter @IvyRed! Bye loves!

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