The Top 5 Timeline:: Honesty With Women, DWade And Riley React & More


Hey folks! It’s Roderick and I’m taking over the timeline this week! I’m about to show Ivy how it’s really done! Let’s laugh folks!

1. Pranking Women: Be Honest

If you know me, you know Kain Carter is one of if not my favorite youtuber. I recommend you check out his series “Being that guy” but anyway Kain is showing women what it would be like if he was honest upfront. And as you will see, this is why we lie!

2. When your mom asks you to find something

I swear all black moms are pretty much the same.

3. Wade and Pat Riley react

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you probably know LeBron left Miami and is headed back to Cleveland. And of course the internet was on fire all day after. Here’s a hilarious meme parodying the Fresh Prince episode when his father left!

photo4. Eating awkward fruits

I have friends that would do this, lol.

5. When your fresh and your mom asks you what you got on

Parents just don’t understand style! You weren’t truly fresh if your mom never asked you this!

photoThat’s it for this week folks! Now that’s a Timeline Ivy! For more funny on days other than Monday follow my sister on Twitter @IvyRed!! Bye people!

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