“I’m Just Saying..”:: 5 Things I Hate That Guys Do When They Approach Me


It’s summer time!!!

The sun is out and people are taking advantage of it. Cook outs, day parties and pool parties are happening almost daily. And of course, the summer flings are beginning to blossom.

At least some of you are still looking for those flings. Lately this year I’ve noticed that some of you fellas are messing up big time, specifically with your approach. And we all know first impressions are very important. So here are my five pet peeve’s guys exhibit when approaching a woman.

1) The cellphone

If you approach a woman and interrupt her day; do not waste her time by being more interested in your phone than her. If you give your phone more attention than her, you’re more than likely not going to her add her number into it.

2) Eye contact

Granted you probably chose to approach the lady based on what you saw BUT if your eyes are more focused on a body part other than her eyes for too long I doubt she’ll take you seriously. It looks like you only want her for her body. And if that’s not what’s she’s looking for, she will look elsewhere.


3) Grammar

Try not to use obscene language. It’s just not necessary. Especially if she turns you down. Just take the L, shake it off, and try another girl.

4) What is her name?

I cannot stand when a guy approaches me and forgets to ask for my name. Please ask for her name before you ask for her number. It shows that you are truly interested.

5) “You got a man?…. He don’t let you have any friends?”

If you approach a girl and she tells you she has a boyfriend, respect the relationship. Leave her alone. Now if she brings up a friendship opportunity then that’s up to you.

Whether you’re at a bar, the mall, a pool party or the gas station, your approach matters guys.

I’m Just Saying..

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