The Daily Takedown:: Is Welfare Government Waste?


When you talk about government waste in this country, the first thing a lot of people think about is things like welfare, school lunches and basically any other federal programs. And that’s what our government (especially the GOP) wants you to think. But there is plenty and in your face, shocking, just straight disrespectful waste happening right in our faces that we don’t even notice.

Take for instance foreign aid and the money pit that is Afghanistan. Did you know that we bought Afghanistan $3 million dollar worth of patrol boats? Yes like the ones you see on movies. And never mind that Afghanistan is a land locked country (it isn’t near any major bodies of water) and never mind that these boats retail for about 50 grand but we paid $375,000 a piece for each one. Of course some politician’s homeboy lobbied (paid) him to get a government contract to provide the boats and then raised the price of each unit. This is what our astronomical defense budget is used for. Scamming taxpayers out of their money to make politicians and corporations rich.

Oh and one more thing. We bought those in 2010 and guess where they are. They’re in a storage unit in Virginia. They still have never been used to this day.

Now tell me again how the ‘takers’ in this country are costing us so much with the welfare and the like? I think I’m finally ready to listen.

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