The Warm Up:: The Top 5 Hottest Rappers In The Game


Hip-hop, in it’s most basic form, is a competition. This is why we always find ourselves debating who deserves the title of Best Rapper of all time! While that epic argument will continue infinitely, it’s easier to determine who the best rapper is today. So who are the hottest rappers in the game? Roderick and Nick go head to head to answer that burning question!

The criteria we are judging by includes longevity (how long have they been hot), substantial contribution (having more than one hit), and substantial success (how are you hot?: how many records sold or how many weeks at number one or radio spins)


Roderick: At number 5, I’ve got the living legend himself, Lil Wayne. Now we all know he has been up and down as of late, but he always finds himself in the mix. His track lists speak for themselves and the fact that he is able to stay so consistent for so long in the rap game should be applauded. Right now, he has a (good) buzz for Tha Carter V!

Nick: At Number 5 I got Mr. Pluto himself, Future, occupying this spot. Future’s sophomore album Honest peaked at the number 1 spot on the US Top R&B/ Hip Hop Albums Billboard chart following it’s February 2014 release . Once again, Future showed his ability to create commercial hits without leaving the streets with singles such as, “Shit!”, “Move that Dope,” and “Honest”.  He also teamed up with Drake on “Never Satisfied” as another highlight of the Honest album.  Recently ,Future has been featured on a handful of singles in 2014 such as Young Scooter’s “Di$function” and Young Thug’s “Out My Face,” just to name a couple. Future showed the general public consistency and an ability to stay relevant in his sophomore campaign, something we didn’t think he had.



Nick: At number 4, I have Jeezy’s west coast protege, YG occupying this spot. YG’s major label debut album My Krazy Life surprised me and the general public with the substance and quality of music it contained . The album was based on YG’s real life, explained through tracks and skits. It was a day In YG’s krazy life . “My Nigga,” the lead single of the album, has had great commercial and crossover success becoming YG’s first platinum single. “Left, Right ” and ” Who Do You Love” featuring Drake are the two other singles off the album that have had heavy radio play as well. Kendrick Lamar was featured on “Really Be,” another track giving the album substance.  With his commercial success alone, YG has solidified himself as another successful artist in west coast hip hop. 

Roderick: Pharrell comes in at number 4 for me. This hip hop legend is coming off of having the hottest song on the planet (“Happy”) and is featured on the hit single “Move That Doh” with Future and Pusha T. As “Happy” cools down, “Move That Doh” moves up the charts. He’s got the credentials and he certainly has the numbers behind him. When you’ve got students in Iran listening to your music, that has to count for something. Pharrell is on fire.


Roderick: Schoolboy Q comes in at number 3 for me. TDE knows how to make good music and let artists have their shine. As soon as Kendrick stepped back, Schoolboy rose and after a solid debut, a few hit songs and a couple of features, here he is. I got the chance to meet him a few months ago. Cool dude.

Nick: My pick right here even surprised me, Rod. Lil Wayne is my number 3 pick. Lil Wayne is hot again after dropping two singles “Believe Me” ft Drake  and “D’usse.” Wayne has his audience believing again and praying that The Carter V will be legendary enough to balance out the lackluster performances he has given over recent years. Wayne has stated that The Carter V will be his last album and with these 2 singles alone he has built up the anticipation.



Nick: Schoolboy Q is at my number 2 spot. Q has had a great year. His major label debut release of Oxymoron peaked at the Number 1 spot on the US Billboard 200. Oxymoron has four great singles that’ve had great commercial success such as “Collard Greens,” “Man of the Year, ” “Break the Bank,” and “Studio.” Q has had great crossover success demonstrated by his performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Conan.  Schoolboy has established himself as a force here to stay in hip hop in 2014.

Roderick: At a close number 2 is Future. I don’t care how you feel about his music or about him singing, Future is absolutely everywhere. You can’t escape him. Hit after hit, feature after feature, Future has slowly, but surely spread himself all over the rap game. He’ll spit and sing the hook and every rapper wants him on their track.


Roderick: Number 1 is no contest, it’s Drake. Since he heated up in 2009, Drizzy has not stopped or slowed down. It’s hard to believe that was 5 years ago, but just as it was then, Drake is still one of the hottest rappers in the game. Just like a superstar in the NBA, what makes Drake so special is his ability to stay consistent. Album after album after album, without even mentioning the singles and features, he has broken billboard records. He is the first rapper with 10 number 1 records (Jay-Z held the previous record). Now he’s on the charts again with “Trophies” featured on the new Young Money collaborative album due to be released soon. Anything Drake touches turns to gold.


Nick: The hottest artist in the game right now has to be Rick Ross. Mastermind was another consistent, solid album. It debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Top 200. The album had three great singles such as ” The Devil is a Lie,” “War Ready,” and “Thug Cry.” Mastermind had commercial success and positive reviews from critics. Rick Ross is the only artist deserving to be called the hottest MC in a summer where few rappers have put out hot music.

Who do you think are the hottest rappers out today!? Comment and let us know below!

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