The Daily Takedown:: [VIDEO] Hobby Lobby Decision A Slippery Slope

Supreme Court Final Decisions

A big decision was handed down yesterday before the Supreme Court went to recess for the summer. Hobby Lobby, the craft company sued the federal government over the mandate in the new Obamacare law when it came to contraception. They are arguing that their religious beliefs are being violated.

Now while they certainly have a great track record as a company and with their customers and employees, that really doesn’t matter.

It seems that Christians (myself being one of them) don’t understand the idea that their freedoms end where another’s begin.  We shouldn’t be allowed to force our religious practices on others.  But that is what the Supreme Court has just allowed Hobby Lobby to do. Hobby Lobby was not being forced to use the birth control that they object to.  Hobby Lobby was not even paying for these methods to be in their health insurance.  They were included at no added cost to the plan participant or beneficiary.  It was the employees of Hobby Lobby, who may not share their employer’s religious beliefs, who would be the ones deciding for themselves what they use.

Politically conservative Christians are crying wolf when it comes to claiming their religious freedoms are in danger on this and every other issue.

Simply put, company’s and corporations aren’t people and shouldn’t be afforded freedom of speech and religious rights. Everyone has stuff they don’t like or disagree their taxes going to but we don’t have an ‘a la carte’ system. You tax dollars pay for it all.

John Oliver broke this down completely on his show on HBO called “Last Week Tonight”. Check out the clip below

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