The Top 5 Timeline:: Kobe Raps, Funny BET Awards Memes, & More

top5timelinesBKGRDHey guys! I’m back with another hilarious edition of the Top 5 Timeline! Let’s laugh shall we?

1. If black people said the things white people do.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the tables were turned? Here’s your chance to see!

2. Why is every light on?

I can’t count how many times my mother has said this verbatim.

3. Waiting on the class to finish talking before I read

Who doesn’t remember these days?

IMG_52654. Kobe spitting some raps

OMG I did not know Kobe use to rap!

5. Kissing on my neck

It’s scary how accurate these creepy photos are


The BET Awards were last night and you know I couldn’t let you go without showcasing some of the most hilarious trending memes!

1. August Alsina cried after receiving the first BET award of the night and black twitter wasn’t going to let him make it!

photo2. Beyonce teasing

I had a feeling my boo probably wasn’t going to be there but at least I get a peak of the show I’m going to later this summer!

photo(1)Thanks for checking out the Timeline this week. As usual, to laugh on days other than Monday follow me on Twitter @IvyRed! Bye loves!

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