“Cue The Rant!”:: Some Conservatives Are Finally Opening Their Eyes


It’s hard to be a conservative these days. And this actually might be a good thing for the party and country. Here’s a recent quote from Senator Rand Paul:

“Our base is not big enough to win national elections and we have to reach out to new people, and that means African Americans, Hispanics, young people, single women.”

“Cue The Rant!”

It only took them 15 years to realize this. And did you notice he named pretty much the rest of America, conceding that Republican’s are a bunch of white guys? While that’s sad, it’s good that they finally admit it.

But the only reason they seem to be admitting it because they have no choice. America was, is and will continue to change. It’s now finally reached the point where Republican’s can’t ignore it anymore. Gerrymandering won’t work. Ignoring them won’t work. Minorities now have a voice and power. And in a few decade minorities won’t be minorities anymore. White men will.


Their attempt at a last stand (The formation of the Tea Party) is a direct result of America’s growth of minority groups and values shifting.

So when you hear a conservative or anybody say they want a return to ‘traditional values’ or ‘the good ol’ days’ what they really are saying is that they miss the days when people knew their place and all this new social consciousness and political correctness is freaking them out and making them mad. Oh and it’s too many minorities here.

The Republican party is coming to the realizations about the Tea Party and if they succeed in expelling them from the party then this will make it all worth it.

This should be considered a victory for people who fought for equality. And we have to recognize that this is going to take some time. Just as it took time for people’s minds to change on social issues and conditions as slavery, it’s going to take time for people to get over all of this undercover and indirect racism. We are still reeling from changing minds after Jim Crow. It’s going to take time for our minds to get over and through this indirect racism but it looks like its finally happening.

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