The Daily Takedown:: Cochran And McDaniel Square Off For All The Marbles


The MS Senate race dubbed “the nastiest election in the country” is today. Now while neither one of these candidates is going to really do anything to really help the state of Mississippi, having one in office is definitely less painful than having the other there.

It’s like knowing you have to be shot by a gun and you have a choice of an AK-47 or a bazooka. Both of them are going to hurt like hell and you’re probably not going to live but one of them has to shoot you and you can choose.. or not.

Check out some things to consider as you go out and vote today.

McDaniel and the tea party are some pretty shady people.

To my knowledge and belief, McDaniel has had two major scandals that should have completely derailed his campaign and that’s when a blogger and support entered into Thad Cochran’s wife’s room at a nursing home and took pics and posted on the internet and when 3 tea party supports were let into a secured room with ballots the night of the primary.

McDaniel claims to not know the blogger even though he is connected to McDaniels’ former radio host and of course the supporters who were caught in the room with ballots they claimed they hadn’t touched anything. How dirty does McDaniel and the Tea Party have to play before people get scared?

Is Cochran simply out of it?

Well there’s no doubt he was and is getting more loopy by the years. While voting for him is easier, he continues to remind you he’s just as incompetent.

So take a good look folks, these are the two guys who are most likely going to represent Mississippi in the Senate in Washington D.C. And people wonder why are we will continue to be last and the most worst off state in the union.

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