The Top 5 Timeline:: Drake Gets Sound Advice, Kermit the Frog & More


Hey loves! Welcome to yet another edition of the Top 5 Timeline! Without further ado, let’s laugh!!

1. What dads hear vs what you say when guys take out their daughters

I think this is something all dads hear no matter what!

2. Drake gets sound advice

Drake was featured on this interview parody with SNL cast member Vanessa Bayer where she gives terrible advice.. hilarious

3. Dude knocks himself out

I’m pretty sure he had a few drinks before this

4. The Kermit takeover

If you have been on any social media the past few days, odds are you’ve seen Kermit on your timeline. Every so often people use funny memes and characters to remind us that there are funny ppl out there.

photo(3)5. Kevin Hart rides a roller coaster with Jimmy Fallon

Kevin Hart has been everywhere promoting his new movie. Check out him conquering his fears and riding a roller coaster!

Thanks for checking out the Top 5 Timeline this week guys! Remember, follow me on Twitter @IvyRed for more funny on days other than Monday! Bye!!

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