“I’m Just Saying..”:: 3 Tips To Remember While Dieting


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It’s no secret in America that our food kind of sucks. In the past few decades, obesity has become an epidemic in this country. So much so, in fact, that a new study shows that diabetes is on the rise among children.


It’s what is in our food that is killing us. The majority of food in the supermarket contains some type of sugar and/or corn. Feeding kids the status quo product based off of these ingredients has resulted in the crisis and rise in diseases we see now.

So I’ve got some quick tips to help you start to eat and feel better!

1. Set yourself up for success

Plan meals ahead of time. Whenever you have to make quick decisions on a daily basis on what you want to eat, you are naturally going to pick the fastest and best tasting and those of course turn out to be the foods that are worse for you. Vary your diet, eat all kinds of foods and get a good balance of carbs, proteins, fruits and greens. Your body will thank you for it later.

2. What you eat has a bigger effect on you than how much you exercise

I’ve heard this a few times and experienced it and I must say it’s true. What you eat and what you put in your body has a bigger effect on the way you look and feel than exercising does according to this recent study. Now this doesn’t mean stop exercising or start starving yourself. What it means is that you should focus special attention on whats going into your body. Exercise is important as well but should be used as a very high priority supplement.

3. Moderation is the key

Limit the amount of salts and sugars in your body. It’s okay to eat what you want on special occasions and in small amounts. But having cake everyday is out of the question. Oh and alcohol counts as a special occasion sugar. Reducing your alcohol intake while making changes to eat better and exercise more greatly increase your chances of losing weight and feeling better.

It’s not easy but eating better helps you feel better later. And that feeling alone will make it easier to change lifelong eating habits.

“I’m Just Saying..”

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