“Cue The Rant!”:: Stop Making ‘Instagram Models’ Famous

finalig2Miracle Watts. Irene The Dream. Lira Galore. What do these women have in common? Besides the fact that they all look exactly alike and have no personality, these women are all famous on Instagram for being pretty much nothing. Not only are they famous for nothing, but they are also able to sustain their popularity by doing, you guessed it, nothing. Not dancing, not stripping, not acting, not singing. Nothing. Does anybody besides me see something wrong with this?

“Cue The Rant!”

These women literally go out and buy their bodies and gain fame from posting photos on their social media accounts. Since the days of music videos are over, so are the days of being video vixens. So there’s literally nowhere to go and nothing to do for these ‘urban models’… until Instagram. The women I named above along with countless others have mastered branding themselves and building a following. And from that they seem to be making money.


Now usually when it comes to making money, I don’t hate on anybody because I believe if you can get it then you deserve it. I don’t knock people’s hustles. But for women like these, I have no respect for them or their hustle because they aren’t selling anything. And what’s worse than all of these virtually identical women with fake bodies being famous for absolutely nothing is the people who follow and actually book these women to host/attend their events.

Let me remind you that these women literally hold no viable or sustainable talents. They aren’t actors, they aren’t musicians or singers, they aren’t even real models and you have never seen them on or in anything other than on social media. Yet these women are famous because either you are a dude who doesn’t have an exciting enough life to stop lusting after them constantly or you’re a woman who’s nosy and jealous of her looks and fame. There’s really no in between and absolutely no other reason you would follow her otherwise.

If you didn’t care about them they would have to go get real jobs or find a ball player to trap. People, you hold the power to their success. So if you are sick of these people then stop caring! Stop following them on Instagram, stop commenting under their pictures and stop rating these clones against each other. These women are famous and it’s your fault.

By the way, when you book Miracle Watts this is literally what she does at your party.

While others like Kim Kardashian, the ‘housewives’ and other reality stars are pretty much famous for nothing as well, at least they have built something tangible from getting famous from nothing. They have TV shows (albeit garbage), clothing lines and other business ventures. If Instagram shut down tomorrow they’d still be relevant and making money. If Miracle Watts or any of her many clones wakes up to find Instagram gone, they’d literally go commit suicide.

If you don’t like them, stop making them famous. And if you do like them, you aren’t really their fans or have their best interests at heart. Because if you did, you wouldn’t be helping to promoting them to celebrity status. You are only making the fall that much steeper when they flame out and no one remembers their name in 5 years.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.

6 responses to ““Cue The Rant!”:: Stop Making ‘Instagram Models’ Famous

  1. (Cough, cough)first of all idiot just b/c a girl doesn’t like another female doesn’t mean were jealous wtf typical man always thinking a girl is jealous have you ever though maybe she doesn’t like this girl b/c either she’s a total bitch or a slut and men like you worship trash so think before you speak dumbass! smh

    • @wtf first of all your the idiot. These Instagram models are a problem. These whores are not good people either, trust me.

      • Why are they not good people?
        And why should we trust you?
        I’m just asking.

  2. u knw what u slut does it mean that when we ladies follow theses models on instergram we jealous of them u knw what 1st of all u not even a ladie and second of all what do u knw about being a ladie or are u some kind of gay guy telling us what to do nd for ur information I am not trying to make these hot models famous the only reason that I am following Lira Galore Is because I heard that she is engaged to Rick Ross, so next time before u want to come nd tell us what to do nd how to do it than plz think carefully before doing it

  3. They wouldn’t “literally commit suicide” if Instagram shut down now would they? I mean, these girls bodies and names are their fame. They’d return to…or continue…stripping and/or escorting. They are not dumb broads. They know the value of their butts and their bucks. They won’t die broke or minus a ring on their fingers!

  4. They wouldn’t “literally commit suicide” if Instagram shut down now would they? I mean, these girls bodies and names are their fame. They’d return to…or continue…stripping and/or escorting. They are not dumb broads. They know the value of their butts and their bucks. They

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